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It was unscrupulous labeling not a loophole in the regulation.
The only possible loophole is when someone claims to have had two legitimate emergencies during the semester, both on test days.
Skeptics insist, notwithstanding scientific evidence, that there could always be a catch or a loophole.
There's no sense in being a typical blogger, commenting on serious matters by trying to find every flaw and loophole in a story.
It's about closing a loophole that has enabled employers to get away with active discrimination.
That's an increasingly serious loophole given the role that these cards now play in our society.
It must be consistent with all prior observations yet expose a functional loophole.
They disapproved of the loophole, but rewarded the guy with the wit to exploit it.
It would be far better to spell out what you want to do than to leave this sort of loophole.
He's been talking with state lawmakers about how to close that loophole.
The deferral of foreign-source income is hardly a tax loophole.
But a local newspaper has called for the state legislature to close the loophole.
At present, the well-off use a legal loophole to annul a failed marriage.
There is also a big loophole: those insured can get benefits only in their own localities.
The question, given that no trade loophole ever goes unabused, is how to sort the legitimate exceptions from the illegitimate.
In short, they planned to open a new tax loophole, and pay for it by closing some others.
Closing the loophole on double-counting could put off new entrants.
The point is how the system responds to close off the loophole.
In each of these agencies, the government has deliberately left some critical loophole so as to make it ineffective.
The fact that many do not is a loophole that must be closed.
Yes, a measly few billion that will be paid for by closing a corporate loophole.
The measure's critics argued that it would make the loophole too large and would too often put lawyers at odds with their clients.

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