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Then position the second loop so the end is parallel with the direction of the pull on the rope.
The individual has to engage with all of the above and act-thus closing the loop and allowing that new action to be measured.
Not loud enough, though, to get pulled back into an audio feedback loop.
Show students the loop current and explain that oil travels with the loop current.
Apparently, it's the loop in a whip that is the real noisemaker.
The overall effect is a persistent feedback loop urging patients to take their meds.
It would not only build a good sense of community but would serve to keep the president in the loop regarding faculty.
At such a low temperature, an electric current can whizz round the loop indefinitely.
There is a ten-mile loop open to visitors that wish to observe the herds moving across the land.
Working from the inside out, loop the twine around the wreath, using the dowels to help guide the twine.
Designing a good roller-coaster loop is a balancing act.
There is no feedback loop where things are tried, lessons learned, and tactics changed.
Loop each one around a tree, pull one end through a loop, and hook the hammock onto a free loop to secure it.
In their simplest form they provide information to those who would otherwise be out of the loop.
Using algae in a closed loop system is not vague or even hypothetical.
The other part is an adjustable webbing loop with a locking hook on the end.
Robots, even after decades of research to make them completely autonomous, cannot manage without people in the loop.
Therefore particles couldn't loop back to the space-time point where they began.
So to say that the steel in cars is recyclable is technically true, but there is no recycling closed loop.
Most important part of a neutrino is torus ie a loop.
Sit with knee straight and loop elastic around foot and in away from your foot.
It is proud of having closed the loop on ink cartridges for its printers, which it now makes from old cartridges.
The faking creates a feedback loop that propagates itself.
The liquefied hydrocarbons are then pumped back to the tip to restart the cycle in an unbroken loop.
Now that same feedback loop will reverse and consume the system that it previously supported.
Well with enough loop holes in place this could happen as soon as the end of summer.
In vegetative patients, however, the loop screeched to a halt.
Dong's results suggest that inflammation and insulin resistance reinforce each other via a positive feedback loop.
Two g's is two times the acceleration of gravity, about what one experiences on a sharp loop on roller coaster.
On another occasion, the lecturer left a series of slides on an endless loop for the entire time he was speaking.
On my first interview, that was the first question, and it completely threw me for a loop.
It's a great way to stay in the loop on issues that matter for all of us.
The duodenum is at first suspended by a mesentery, and projects forward in the form of a loop.
And it sometimes changes its route dramatically, much as a bus route can be truncated into a shorter loop.
As the systems people would say, there is no feedback loop.
The way they work is simple: two or more images are superimposed on each other and they switch back and forth on a timed loop.
Insufficient measures to permit an escape from the adverse feedback loop between sovereign debt and bank debt.
The line to get in the door made a complete loop around the mezzanine balcony, and then wrapped in on itself.
The view from there was etched into his memory as a continuous loop.
It will be wrong all the time so there will be self correcting loop back as well as external feedback.
Oil streams through that pipe along a long loop of troughs.
The wide lanes loop around endlessly, and then there's no place to go.
Without blinking or slowing down, they made the loop at the end of the canyon, the video camera panning all the while.
Lying on your back, loop a rope around the arch of one foot.
Climb the observation tower for an overview of the area, then drive the nine-mile loop through the refuge's wetlands and pools.
Each section of the loop displays a unique personality.
In another puzzle, players were asked for a design that would stabilize the new loop.
The cords go up to form a loop with which to carry the coffee and saucer.
The closed-loop device would make that decision for them.
It strikes me as a failure of good science writing to imply otherwise without closing the loop on your opening statements.
Included in that loop of synthesis is the creativity noted by the article.
But natural or not, there is no change in the underlying feedback loop.
Leaving researchers out of the loop makes zero sense.
How can they not see that there logic creates this infinite loop.
As the brain's feedback controls get rewired, the neurons end up in a self-sustaining loop, producing a constant ringing.
So the physical nature of the forest produces a feedback loop which allows it to sustain itself.
In a normally working reactor, such water is kept in a closed loop, and not exposed to the environment.
Changing from hardcover to paperback didn't cut the editor out of the loop, for example.
The strands may loop and twist, but they never cross and tangle.
But it also creates a feedback loop, where as the wealthy gain more power, they can rig the system more in their favor.
Out they spilled into the academic world, to become cited nicely in other journals and books, but it was an endless closed loop.
Other potential avenues, such as loop quantum gravity, are also proving untidy.
Another positive-feedback loop in bull markets used to be the final-salary pension fund.
Worse still, bank problems create a feedback loop with the rest of the economy.
Unlike the xylem and phloem, the veins in a leaf cross-link and loop.
The relationship between investment and the overall economy is what an engineer would call a positive feedback loop.
Repeat after me: the banking system is a closed loop.
Unfortunately the city stayed a little bit longer on the wrong side of the loop compared to some others.
There may also be something of a feedback-loop effect here.
And it will keep going through the loop until it succeeds at its task.
More sales, more algorithm-fueled recommendations, and the positive feedback loop kicked in.
If you stop dancing altogether, the characters stop progressing, their movements stuck in an endless loop.
And it could create a climate feedback loop that would increase temperatures further.
And not wanting to be cut out of the loop, wireless carrier companies are also dipping toes into the mobile payments waters.
So you drive the airport loop until the traveler arrives.
If there is no pin, then look for a loop of fabric where the tent poles can be inserted.
Once you have located these, hook the end of each tent pole into the corresponding pin or loop.
The transmitter is attached with a leg loop harness and sits on the bird's lower back.
The messages are typically short, upbeat and bring employees into the loop.
He can burst around the corner with speed, loop through the gaps with quickness or bull rush straight up with power.
The reason for this may be that spanking sets up a loop of bad behavior.
The special closes a loop in pop culture, since these clips are essentially music videos.

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