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Example sentences for loony

It turns out that he wasn't killed after all but was captured and sent to the loony bin.
In the end, the editor drives a wagon from the local loony bin into the ceremony and kidnaps her.
Mel's search for his birth parents is nominally what sets this enchantingly loony comedy in motion.
It delightfully takes its loony scenario for granted.
He makes the viewer buy this film's loony premise, and buy it with a smile.
No opinion or theory no matter how loony should be proscribed.
They festooned the machine with all sorts of loony filigrees.
Its where you trade and use diplomacy instead of violence and loony big spending.
All these characters are more or less loony, and so is the action, which occurs in the midst of a horrendous northeaster.
No screenwriter could possibly gin up a scenario this delightfully loony, and if one did, no one would believe it.
The loony left is rightly exposed, but the loony right is more often ignored.
Some people believe tonight's full moon will have a loony effect on human and animal behavior.
Others label him a dreamer, or worse, a pyramid buff with loony ideas.
Of course, things are more fun in the warm and loony south- ern part of the country.
We are trapped within their loony obsessions right to the end.
Interesting insight into the loony-left perspective.
The loonies who dominate primary elections only care about what makes them loony.
Savants found the book dizzyingly erudite, stimulating, and loony.
And the whole world is paying for your loony behavior.
So, one can only conclude that you really are a raving loony.
And these highly evolved fish regard their lost relatives not as the loony ones living in a barrel, but as martyrs.
Right now he can sit back and watch the others loony-fy the atmosphere at a cost of millions.
The rest of his letter is put together with similar misinterpretations, ranging from the loony to the desperate.
As with any loony endeavor, the wonder is that this affair works at all.
Suddenly, politics came dancing with a loony phosphorescence.
The loony comments from the usual suspects here aren't surprising.

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Pound's crazy. All poets are.... They have to be. You don't put a poet like Pound in the loony bin. For his... more
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