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Nearby reside the relics of elk and lynx, coyote and loon, pelican and wolf.
There was the stampede to see the migrating loon that chose the park's reservoir for a rest stop.
Anything published by this loon has zero credibility.
Obviously you are a left wing loon that is the problem not the solution.
It would not be out of line for an interviewer to paint me as a loon.
He is at first a distant wave, the wake-wedge of a loon as it surfaces.
So even though almost no one in the military is a raving nativist loon, many of the raving nativist loons may be in the military.
Now it held a small wooden loon, a coffee mug, a stack of payroll checks to sign.
From the lake itself a loon, floating high on the water, greeted me with eerie laughter.
The point of this post is that not everyone who is a skeptic is a malicious loon.
They brought their cupped hands to their mouths and blew loon calls back and forth.
He flies his bal- loon around the country to see her on tour.
The ultimate test of any loon theory is to offer to buy their house for pennies right before the big day is set to happen.
When you read the whole story, you understand quickly that the guy is a dangerous loon.
It makes you more loon for believing in this nonsense than helping your case.
Not only is the expression an inaccuracy, it's an inaccuracy expressed by a loon.
Aside from being a dangerous loon, you are hurting our cause.
Biologists are attempting to learn more about the fall migrations of the common loon.

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