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Some of the same people who warned of the looming subprime crisis two years ago are ringing alarm bells again.
In this age of looming bioterrorism, keeping chemical warfare vapors off of soldiers is a primary military concern.
It updates its traffic readings every two minutes to ensure there's no blockades looming.
So is the big building, gabled and stout, looming ahead on our left.
Then came his non-answers on several crucial looming decisions facing the military.
S/he may have next year's schedule already submitted and see a big hole looming.
One obvious risk to a sturdy recovery is the looming effect of tighter fiscal policy.
Aside from looming coal silos and a few roads across the mesas, the underground mines make scant visible marks on the land.
The authors then presented a second looming dot, this time outside the field of view of the neurons they were studying.
Yet these advantages are outweighed by several looming hazards.
Some of old folks may remember the cold war, with constantly looming threat of nuclear annihilation.
But there are also looming food shortages and price spikes, even in cities.
Looming debt and demographic crises have governments searching for extra revenue.
The racket, diesel exhaust, and looming tires had probably made mama bear flee.
Now, with the end of the trip looming near, it's time for one last epic undertaking.
By the time it was in motion, a midday storm was looming.
Looming large in the middle of the event was the ramp.
After all, it's the sensational stories about shortages and looming disaster that sell newspapers.
These aren't a fantasy river or a mountain, but the shadow of the past looming.
These are claim stakes, and they signal another looming threat for the jaguar: a mining boom.
And higher education as a whole faced looming financial challenges and more scrutiny from lawmakers and the general public.
Gender is a politically and socially coerced category, and patriarchy is considered to be an ever-looming threat.
With an election looming and the recovery looking pallid, politicians may grasp for whatever villains are available.
With regulatory change looming, these must now be faced.
With famine looming, food prices high and the local currency going down, the situation is worsening.
Now other customers are looming larger, among them charities.
Inevitably, he attracted contrary myths designed to shrivel his looming outline.
Roger seems to have little awareness of the looming disaster.
Dark clouds looming, the stadium lights blinked on at five-ten, two hours before sunset.
Looming above the debris were the ruins of the housing complex.
But the stars of the show are the great harvesters, looming over the crowd.
They fly behind us in fast-and-loose formation, silhouetted against a backdrop of looming mountains.
It seems to me, however, that the cooling of the world's ocean currents is becoming a looming danger these days.
Articles in both the popular press and scientific journals have called attention to the looming crisis posed by the disease.
Those who endorse global warming universally seem to see it as a looming disaster for life on the planet.
And the industry faces looming regulatory and market pressures to adopt information technology.
There is a looming problem about these charging stations.
The other problem not addressed involved the looming weaknesses in the economy.
They shook themselves awake as they listened to hushed descriptions of a looming threat.
The walls of water looming on either side were a terrifying sight, but not once did a wave crash down and swamp a boat.
There is a looming chasm between what your brain knows and what your mind is capable of accessing.
The big question looming over this computer-controlled software is safety.
You'll get behind the wheel of a smart car that avoids fender benders by braking before you even see danger looming.
However, that looming gap in space capable launches is almost on us.
Not only that, there are huge costs looming from decommissioning the first round of nuclear reactors built decades ago.
But nobody wants to believe that we're facing a looming global ecological catastrophe.
There's no payoff for them in warning the rest of us of a looming catastrophe except perhaps a sense of satisfaction.
Also looming sometime this spring is a vote to raise the country's debt ceiling.
Looming gap in weather satellites threatens forecasting.
Researchers have suggested that there may be a correlation between a new tallest-building and a looming economic slowdown.
And that's not even taking into account the looming prospect of deep defense cuts.
Getting a flu shot, the logic goes, means staying healthy during the looming flu season.
The sets, despite an irrelevant smoke-breathing dragon looming at the top of the curtain, are big but blah.
Action looming against several other potential defendants.
Many landowners, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts don't realize the looming deadline.

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