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Flavor and color treats are hiding inside these familiar-looking fruits.
Slightly adjusting your recipe, baking time, and temperature will give you the cookie you're looking for.
The best-looking trees use one or two kinds and colors of flowers.
If you're looking for a source of shade, pick a tree with a wide canopy.
The solution lies in looking beyond the usual suspects.
Even the mountain's two-lump profile changes, depending on where you're looking at it from.
Don't use too many kinds in one planting or you'll end up with a disorganized-looking garden.
If you're looking for that ultimate crowd pleaser try this refreshing, crunchy slaw.
Trade fragile-looking or matching tableware for an inviting, eclectic mix.
She thanks the committee for its consideration and indicates that she is looking forward to meeting with them in the near future.
We are looking for someone who will demonstrate an enthusiasm for student success.
If you are looking for cosmopolitan, it is not the place.
For the right school, the master's degree and experience that you already have may be exactly what they are looking for.
They have certain things they are looking for, as you say.
We are looking for smart, innovative people to make a difference in the lives of our students.
In truth you are only looking around the interior of your tub.
Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you from these pyramids.
With the shoes in his hand he sat looking at a large hole in the heel of one of his stockings.
They came riding on white horses, two noble-looking brothers.
But the view looking up is nothing compared with the view looking down.
As the green movement caught on, many people started looking around their homes for ways to reduce energy consumption.
The water hole is less than a mile away now, and everyone in the herd is looking forward to a good, long drink.
Ask students what they think the scientists would have been looking for on these expeditions.
The prehistoric-looking gar is a voracious predator with a mouthful of sharp teeth.
We are looking at the best nominations for coverage in the magazine.
The ascent stage looked ugly, but it didn't need to be smooth and shiny-looking.
But, for those who know what they are looking for, this specimen bears the traces of ancient interactions between dinosaurs.
The number of these holes in this part of the skull can immediately tell a paleontologist what kind of animal they are looking at.
It takes a moment of looking at the fossil to pick out the parts.
They yield to the leaders of their group, but they also sneak off to engage in clandestine affairs when no one's looking.
Imagine that you are looking at a dog that is standing behind a picket fence.
But this image suggests a view from the vantage point of the lunar surface looking at the horizon.
Our everyday language is full of expressions that refer to where people around us are looking.
Consuming them-toggling for hours between the incommensurable functions of reading and looking-is taxing.
That's when you'll know that you're not looking at some ordinary bronze-sheathed, hundred-and-seventy-five-ton afternoon snack.
And, as he's looking, the coyote is licking his nose with his tongue.
He was going to say no when she came looking for him.
If you're looking for the seat of creativity, you'll find it under a desk.
His pictures give you the feeling that you're not looking up at the subjects, not looking down at them, but right there with them.
We started out by looking at a lot of film noir imagery.
People have seen you looking for a place for the past couple of months and yet you're still ordering room service.
He said that he had never seen her looking so exposed- and that as a portrait it was a stronger cover.
Today the world is your corn dog, and everyone's looking your way.
They touch the limits of contortion without looking contorted.
When he did not have the zip code he apologized to his secretary for not looking it up himself.
They make eye contact with us, and when they don't it is because they appear to be looking at a particular thing offstage.
Another way of looking was felt to be needed, some profounder acknowledgment of the people of the streets.
Looking back from our present vantage point, one sees more clearly the virtues of that bare-bones age.
But there remains the question of looking back at those sixty years.
Sometimes the ghost comes up from the trap door while the diners are looking elsewhere.
People interested in changing the world have to be looking towards the future and are therefore interested in children.
He entered a hollow, topped out on a ridge, and then angled back toward the river looking for the cypress.
The company is looking for areas where synthetic biology's potential to produce specific types of molecules will pay off.
Scientists can study a disease by looking for genetic variations shared by people who suffer from it.
Pharmaceutical researchers routinely sift through databases of small molecules looking for drugs to match a particular protein.
Looking over a haul of digital photos can involve as much regret over fudged shots as reminiscing over golden moments.
To operate them, researchers are looking for equally small power sources.
But some companies are giving up the fight and looking for ways to embrace the phenomenon of online piracy.
The nano sensor could directly signal whether a drug is working or not by looking at individual cells.
It's still early days for e-readers, and consumers can only choose between a few chunky-looking models.
Tv offers a service to advertisers looking to target consumers watching specific categories of content.
Attackers can apply a huge body of experience from attacking desktop machines when looking for a way into mobile devices.
Experts are looking into ways to preserve the broad creative freedom that mashups offer while making them safer to use.
As for coal, if the true price comes into play then start looking at rapid increases in the cost of power.
For blog posts, which change more rapidly, the method could work by looking at shifts in language over days or even hours.
When and why sloe gin became the bottle of choice for teenagers looking to get looped is not only unknown but incomprehensible.
We're always looking for ways to add more flavor to grilled food.
Except that the spades card is empty and the two jacks are both on the hearts card looking longingly into each other's eyes.
If you can't find what you're looking for at stores near you, help create demand by asking for the kind of beef you want.
In looking at the recipe, you'll note that the soup is extremely adaptable to the contents of your refrigerator and to the season.
He thinks it might be possible to predict the evolution of flu viruses by looking for gateway mutations.
Once she's gotten across the basics, she lets them practice on their own, looking over their shoulders as they work.
Chemical engineers are looking to leaves as they try to make better, more efficient solar cells.
Researchers tend to look for answers where the looking is good, rather than where the answers are likely to be hiding.
Paleontologists are always looking for vast new caches of clues about ancient life but rarely expect to find them.
We're looking for your innovative ideas, informed opinion and first-hand experience.
We know that you don't get these infections by looking at the apes or by petting their heads.
But the best-known biofuel, ethanol, is looking decidedly unpromising right now.
But the spiders themselves are looking a bit sluggish.
Meanwhile, other researchers are looking for holes in the argument.
The observatory stares at one spot in the sky, looking for stars whose brightness dips periodically.
Xi was looking for a compound that would have the same effect on cocaine users.

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