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Example sentences for look out

If you have this sort of reaction it is usually helpful to stop reading and look out the window.
The librarians at the round desk in the middle look out at the siege uneasily.
But one could look out of the window only by snatches.
So he is returned to his own home and she places him in the den where he can look out the window and remember their life together.
But they can and do climb trees to sleep, eat, or look out for trouble.
But they must look out for the crocodiles that lie in wait.
Grand gestures and heroic statements usually look out of place here.
Windows are the best crime-prevention devices of all, if you only bother to look out of them.
And you'd better look out for the paparazzi circling the door.
They know which shifty characters to look out for and which policing works best in their area.
Look out for details of our next debate and be sure to join in.
Tall windows look out on a lush green yard, damp from the rain.
He's rightwing aplenty and holds tons of opinions that seem to be the peek of cut throat look out for number one.
The next time you're on a beach, or the next time you're flying, take a look out to the horizon.
The outer edge of each photo gallery houses seating areas that look out onto the promenade.
Here's what to look out for, depending on your lifestyle.
Some office desks look out on gorgeous, ever-changing landscapes.
They look out the window as a guy three seats away begins to cough and wish they were somewhere else.
Say that business is down and raises look out of the question.
Border customs agents are on the look out for many things: illegal drugs, stolen goods, smuggled liquor and sometimes even people.
Here are some of the highlights to look out for in stores.
We must look out at the world with clear eyes and sober minds and do the difficult work as we've done time and time again.
In their photos they look out at us with uplifted faces and exalted eyes.

Famous quotes containing the word look out

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Now, Mr. President, we don't intend to trouble you during the campaign but after you are elected, then look outmore
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