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Example sentences for look over

However, the study should look over a longer period of horizon.
The specialist in the field can then look over this to see if it holds across frames.
The lynx flashed past, his fuzzy rear vanishing into the trees, though he did pause to throw one gloating look over his shoulder.
Some libraries do not have any librarians physically look over the books that come in.
It's worth trying, though, if only to make them look over their shoulder occasionally.
Look over your lists and determine what things you already know well.
So look over your entire career, and see what skills you may have that others do not.
The authors did no original research other than look over an opinion survey.
Look over the lists to see if they look different or if they contain the same words.
Now look over these nine headlines, three for each town.
Climbers should always look over their porters and make sure that they have the right gear.
Then they look over the data for signs of abnormal sleep or frequent wake-ups.
Get an up-to-the-minute report, and look over the horizon at the next steps to be taken in this groundbreaking research.
Ask students to look over the information on their charts.
In the meantime, you can look over the menus posted on the walls.
As you look over the edge to the canyon floor below, you might not even be able to see much of the rock you will be traversing.
Look over the symbols and determine what each one means.
Please go to the following links and have a serious look over it.
It might be that they constantly have to look over their shoulders while they work.
Look over your work again, step out of your dogma a bit, and you will see the foolishness of what you said there.
Residents of border towns can look over a river, across a street, or through a fence and see their foreign neighbors.
If you look over the top of your book, there's a pretty impressive large body of water in the distance.
It's easier if you don't think about it and you don't look over the edge.
Look over your rainy day nest egg to rediscover items of value that you've hidden away.
He should probably look over his own shoulder because he's still not doing so well in the kitchen.
Place right hand on the back of the seat and look over right shoulder through the rear window.
While backing, look over your right shoulder toward the back of the vehicle.
Turn and look over your right and left shoulders before you begin backing.
Look over both shoulders for obstructions and back straight out if the path is clear.
Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder to make sure the street is clear of traffic before you begin to back up.
Look over your right shoulder and reduce your speed.
As you approach the intersection, look over your left shoulder for traffic.
Always look over the proper shoulder before making lane changes or pulling away from the curb.
Please look over the information contained here to learn the simple compliance of licensing and vehicle registration.
Check your mirrors, look over your shoulder, and check your blind spot before changing lanes.
The judge may wish to look over a proposed judgment before the hearing.
Please look over our suggested packing list for a wilderness camping adventure.
Please feel free to look over the requirements for licensing before opening the following applications.
Before downloading the data into a spreadsheet, let's first look over the events.
New and former applicants are urged to look over our grant guidelines carefully.
Please look over the options and determine which might fit your learning opportunity.
Look over whether those plans have considered your specific needs.
It's fine to look over your children's homework to answer questions.
Look over the scenarios to decide which drill is best suited to the level of planning and readiness in your neighborhood.
Origins lets us look over the shoulders of scientists and glimpse the often-unseen moments of investigation.
When changing lanes, always look over your shoulder at the traffic behind you.
Look over the options and think about the possibilities for student learning.

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