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Look into the conservation lab, and there's the old flag stretched out as though waiting for the surgeon to scrub up.
No one can look into futurity and say what will be the destiny of this country.
She didn't look into his eyes, and she drank only a tiny sip before going into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water.
Have students look into local natural hazards, including past events and future risks.
It takes a natural disaster for people to look into there hearts for them to realize that this is our only planet.
It provides a look into the party of affect, emotion, aesthetics.
She would have preferred to look into an empty mirror, even given the sinister implications.
In any event, the cadre of people available to look into all this material is not getting much larger.
Future studies will need to look into the exact reasons the pathways begin to malfunction.
But when you look into his work, it's shot through with all kinds of fascinating heresies.
He wanted to make sure they didn't get a look into anything.
Historical maps can give you an inside look into a period in history.
For those other platforms, look into more specific solutions.
There may even be an endemic inability to look into the depth of his characters with more than a consummate journalist's eye.
But when you move away, the gross detail dominates, and the sisters appear to look into each other's eyes.
There is now an urgent need for a new look into the crystal ball of quantum physics.
Instead of wasting time on hydrogen, look into technologies for creating artificial gasoline.
Also, look into electrifying the highways, high speed rail and use the auto for local travel.
There is not a fair look into past warming and cooling cycles.
However, if you look into electromagnetic radiation spectrum it would fall into the lower end.
The answer to how bad it can get depends on when humanity starts cleaning up its act and how far you want to look into the future.
Maybe you should take a deeper look into the reasons you consider gov run healthcare to be a great way to go.
Volcanologists got perhaps their best-ever look into a volcano earlier this year.
Because neutrinos barely interact with ordinary matter, they can allow a direct look into the heart of a star.
Find wrong sources and look into why they are wrong.
Ask them to look into it for themselves, if they don't trust you.
In my experience, a deep look into someone eyes does not disclose that sort of detail.
Last year, rural carriers asked it to look into the exclusive deals that they said had deprived them of the best handsets.
His efforts to look into the occurrence of deliberate lying were frustrated by the ability of top managers to avoid interrogation.
Look into the air and you shall see him walking in the clouds, out-stretching his arms in the lightning and descending in rain.
Get an inside look into the workings at the biggest newsroom in our community, delivered to your mailbox weekly.
And they go grocery shopping, and look into the carts, and see how empty they've become these days.
Look into paying off your mortgage sooner rather than later.
For instance, you could look into the specific dog breeds with respect to their ability to be trained.

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