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Example sentences for look forward to

We enjoy working with you and look forward to serving your needs in the future.
It is vanity to take thought only for the life which now is, and not to look forward to the things which shall be hereafter.
We look forward to much attention being given-Times.
People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.
Look forward to reading your book, take care and keep in touch.
We're your biggest fans and look forward to reading your fantastic travel writing.
It also builds friendships and gives people a reason to look forward to something else.
Tell them when you expect to complete it, so maybe they can look forward to when you time may be freed up.
Have a great day and look forward to more discussions.
Look forward to it being approved and put on the market.
Look forward to a large scale conventional land war as an economic stimulus, foreshadowed by the usual rise in ultra-nationalism.
We will miss him, and greatly look forward to his writing feature articles for us, which is something at which he is also stellar.
So comfortable you'll actually look forward to wearing them.
We look forward to seeing your next vacation photos.
We had a lot of fun with the experiments in this book and look forward to testing even more of them in the future.
But a small cadre of contrarians look forward to junk e-mail.
While many people look forward to rest and relaxation, others worry that there will not be enough to do.
When people go on vacation, they look forward to the food.
We look forward to the full development and rapid implementation of their plan.
He had a comfortable pension to look forward to when he retired.
He can look forward to a less rocky party conference in the autumn than he was once anticipating.
If monetary policy worked with the same lags as in the past, the world could look forward to a strong rebound next year.
She possessed wisdom and a sense of satisfaction with her life that made me actually look forward to the twilight years.
The hunters also look forward to fresh muktuk, the top layer of blubber and skin, which is prized as a traditional delicacy.
But when people come see her, they can actually look forward to getting old.
Locals look forward to the sunny, mild days of spring and autumn.
We look forward to joining the campaign on making drinking water available to everyone in the world.
Many botanists and conservationists look forward to establishing a new population in the wild.
Look forward to looking over your web page repeatedly.
Thank you so much and do look forward to your responses.
Many are expressing support and look forward to the outcome of the investigations.
Look forward to reading more from you in the future.
We look forward to piloting these vehicles around our own megacity soon and seeing what kind of badge value they bestow on us.
We look forward to putting it through our rigorous evaluation protocol when it enters our vector this coming summer.
Let's be grateful for a palate cleanser then, and look forward to the next course.
We look forward to helping your company navigate this important screening mandate.
We also look forward to learning more about your interests during your visit.
We welcome your feedback and look forward to serving you.
We look forward to meeting our mission of providing quality park experiences for all.
We look forward to serving you from our new location.
Nothing to look forward to now but the ever-increasing hours of darkness.

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