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Look for fish with bright eyes, shiny skin, and a mild aroma.
If you want a smaller tree, look for one grafted on dwarf rootstock.
If you don't notice the flies, look for tiny holes over sunken areas in the fruit.
Look for other, more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.
But ovarian cancer leads them to look for a surrogate.
Always look for a blessing in all the events that happens in our lives.
We look for whatever scientific tidbits might lurk behind those stories.
And remember, we're look for laughs, so tell us what might be going on in the picture.
We've been used to trouble, and don't look for much else.
They look for explanations in their guidebooks: such-and-such a century, such-and-such a style.
Agents used flashlights to look for footprints in the dirt.
Boaters may need binoculars to look for channel markers, and baseball fans may want to scan the outfield.
If at present he does not come up to expectations, look for the cause elsewhere.
If other nerves are also affected, the health care provider should look for a medical problem that can affect nerves.
Look for suicide attempts or other evidence of despondency.
If the minimum wage does eliminate some low-income job opportunities, the poor do other things besides look for work.
Instead you might look for some structure in the words.
Here's the pull: when money gets tight, producers look for sure things.
But to look for a job for a year and come up empty is a different league of devastation.
Behind her, a line of people filed silently into the hospital's makeshift morgue to look for their dead.
They look for either the author or the author's experience.
We try to look for the technological sophistication of traditional humanism and the humanist possibilities of new tech.
It seems more reasonable to look for some sort of policy difference.
It is, of course, not strange that people might look for possible confirming facts.
Some look for old plastic bags, some for rubber, some for bones that can be ground up for animal feed.
Spending cuts reduce the demand that businesses look for when they take out loans to expand.
It will also look for suitable materials that might support a colony.
The satellite will also look for evidence of primordial gravity waves, providing theorists with more data to apply to their ideas.
You'd probably look for an area with a lot of traffic.
So look for new insecticides that stop mosquitoes from lightening their liquid load.
But inevitably, people look for clues to what appears to be the best predictor of the virus's future path-its current behavior.
Look for an underlying wired survival basis for the observed phenomena.
Anytime you read a study that says one thing, look for the opposing view and review them both with an eye for finding the truth.
We look for more increased taxes on gas, to help pay for long term health care costs due to pollution.
At first glance, these setups are the last place you'd go to look for quantum gravity.
In case that will happen, the researchers will look for a new solution, that is the way with mosquitos.
Astronomers scarcely even bothered to look for planets around such runts.
Look for shafts of light penetrating the canopy or one spot on the forest floor directly lit by the sun.
Look for this symbol for specific parent tips that accompany each story or activity.
Look for specific parent tips that accompany each story or activity.
Ask them to look for examples of good ecotourism practices and to take notes describing those practices.
But only a handful of experts remain to look for and identify them.
Have students look for maps in newspapers and newsmagazines.
After each group has made its presentation, ask students to look for shared elements.
They dive down deep and look for prey that appear as dark silhouettes against the brighter underside of the ice.
Types of plants-Have students look for the plants and trees they researched in the indoor part of the lesson.
Always look for unusual angles to lend more interest to your photographs.
As the planet warms, look for more floods where it's already wet and deeper drought where water is scarce.
Have students look for maps of and information about their communities' histories to determine what has changed and why.
What you can do, however, is look for a defect that begins before birth and can still be detected in adults.
Look for a balance of top in the field and relatively new or lesser-known journals.
We look for you to address teaching first in your letter, though, if you don't you aren't necessarily blowing it.
We basically look for research productivity and grant getting.
It's entirely acceptable to look for a job that pays better.
When the students are planning their database, they have to look for flaws.
Look for staff members who interact well with residents.
Pull back the comforter and sheets and look for the fecal stains on the mattress seams and ticking.
Many would-be entrepreneurs drag their feet before starting to look for customers because it's scary.
The social worker didn't know and needed to look for it.
People leave town to look for work, boosting the supply of homes for sale.
You'll find plenty of scam artists when you look for work-at-home opportunities.
It will also look for resources and characterize the lunar environment.
Users should always look for patches directly from the software publisher.
Unfortunately, the interface is confusing and you could easily miss this feature if you didn't know to look for it.
Look for a full slate of features, from anti-lock braking and traction control to air conditioning and leather.
Check back over the next few weeks to vote on new submissions, and look for an update announcing our favorite.
Temporary blindness and disorientation are not qualities you look for in a pilot, especially during takeoff and landing.
We have to look for stuff to sample that is maybe more low-profile.
It's a lot of work, so look for a phone with some pretty beefy specs.
The new paper involves an attempt to look for alternate pathways.
They'll look for prehistoric life-forms and search for nutrient sources.
The rumour-mill is now whirring as to what another set of stress tests will look for.
Moreover, pathologists sometimes get only one chance to look for clues when dissecting a body.
But as churchgoing dwindles, their business is melting away-prompting some firms to look for new customers.
There are plenty of places to look for reviews and recommendations, but they can be unreliable or prone to manipulation.
Researchers tend to look for signals similar to those now made by humanity.
Even more important, look for ways to use water in agriculture more efficiently.
His first idea is to look for pollution in the atmospheres of promising planets.
So much so that they have begun to look for recruits in unlikely places.
Richer benefits encourage workers to look for a job rather than quit the search, and to turn down unsatisfactory job offers.
They encourage the production of tradable goods, but discourage their consumption-which is why producers look for buyers abroad.
It does this by sifting through the data generated by the network's sensors to look for anomalies.
When the economic outlook brightens again, companies are likely to once again look for greener forms of business travel.
They said that excellent companies actively look for excuses to hand out rewards.
But prejudices are still useful-and this newspaper's prejudice is to look for ways to make the state smaller.
People who collect unemployment diligently look for new jobs.
The evisceration of their wealth may have led people to look for work rather than retire or stay at home with the children.
His customers have started to look for rival suppliers in order to increase their bargaining power.
If you want to help the poor, look for other sources of revenue and tax-relief.
As far as flavors go, look for their flavor of the month.
We look for a conception of living well that can guide our interpretation of moral concepts.
Researchers tend to look for answers where the looking is good, rather than where the answers are likely to be hiding.
The flurry of new discoveries has come with the invention of a new way to look for microbes.
They'd look for the three good reasons, whereas you might think of some other one.
Long thought to be vanishingly rare, parthenogenesis is becoming more common the more scientists look for it.
The program doesn't look for a predetermined set of words, but looks for patterns.
The few astronomers who even attempted to look for them languished in obscurity, spending years in fruitless searching.
The idea is to look for signatures of a collision between another bubble universe and our own.
Furthermore, he thought he knew where to look for them: in the weird underworld of quantum mechanics.
So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions of more animals to look for cures for these diseases.
They look for signs of brain diseases, and typically find few of them.
If you look for negative science news, you can find it.
They had rats sniff various odors and then examined their brains to look for a telltale protein called c-Fos.
Then you use computers to compare the images and look for new bright spots.
However, my tools also look for compression artifacts and format anomalies.
Many animal shelters now have devices to look for tags implanted in lost household pets, speeding their return to their owners.
We look for people who are tackling important problems in transformative ways.
The way researchers made new magnets in the past was to crystallize alloys and look for new forms with better properties.
We help students and faculty to formulate a problem into a project, find the right partners, and look for funding.
Once all options are exhausted, they would look for intruders and collect sensor data.
They can also look for networks that maximise social welfare.
Exactly how these algorithms work isn't entirely clear, but they appear to look for skin content in images.
Taking that into consideration, it is prudent to reexamine the experiment and look for missing factors.
Look for him to do the same thing with other cable companies.
Entrepreneurs thrive in these situations, and it's a good time to look for the opportunities.
The people berate yet another failed leader and look for a strongman to deliver them.
And contemporary relevances are there if you look for them, he says.
The play calling has been improved, and look for sweet new moves from the players, as well as some extra-crunchy tackles.
Look for things to be grateful for, and you'll start seeing them.
But getting around to look for those clues would not be easy.
Businesses look for loans to expand once the economy is growing and orders are coming in again.
Look for a wok that is heavy aluminum, stainless steel or traditional cast-iron.
Look for brown or yellowing foliage near the interior branches.
He or she will examine the skin scraping under a microscope to look for yeast forms typical of tinea versicolor.
We also look for signs that a writer doesn't really know the applicant.
If you favor individual stocks, look for companies with a strong product mix and a record of innovation.
Look for peroxide-free, low- or no-ammonia formulas.
And when it seems kaput, they look for ways to fix it or repurpose it.

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