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Example sentences for longstanding

The new measurement technique may also help address many longstanding puzzles in plate tectonics.
Salving these longstanding wounds won't be easy, as mistrust and animosity have grown over the years.
The magma-depth discovery may settle a longstanding debate.
Such trade in animals is a longstanding practice that is technically illegal but quite loosely enforced.
Some say that reflects the country's longstanding cultural supremacy in the region.
Yet this relationship masks longstanding technological and practical differences between still and moving-image cameras.
He even reiterated his own personal longstanding disagreement with state-sanctioned killing.
But now the spill has raised questions about whether this longstanding agricultural practice is environmentally sound.
It's been a longstanding principle in design, and has been applied to many other things.
Great fame accompanies those who make big new discoveries which overturn longstanding results.
Whether such a system would work for patients with longstanding nerve damage is unknown.
If you are a troll, you are a troll of longstanding.
It simply means that in times of need, beleaguered bacteria have a vast and longstanding range of defences to draw from.
The question of what drives evolution is a longstanding one.
Academics have studied media coverage of climate change, and the results confirm climate scientists' longstanding complaints.
Relationships between farmers and processors are often personal and longstanding.
Still, this research promises to change longstanding beliefs about the nature of intelligence.
Warren compared basketball stats and ecology stats to get a new look at a longstanding puzzle in ecology.
It's tough not to connect longstanding and deeply held spiritual searching with new ways to message.
But privacy advocates say the rule undermines longstanding student protections.
It redefines the nature of academic careers while dealing with longstanding disciplinary conversations.
They are re-establishing the normalcy of a longstanding free-speech right.
Data mining may prove a useful device in our longstanding effort to understand our cultural inheritance.
Perhaps the wounds are too deep, the resentment too longstanding.
They have rights and longstanding ties by necessity.
The students have a longstanding tradition of playing a prank on the dean at the annual commencement exercise.
Merged groups of language departments have been longstanding.
In part, that reflects a longstanding global trend toward more intensive use of educated professional and technical workers.
Creating a unified technology infrastructure has been a longstanding goal at the library.
The biographies of peasants and especially the autobiographies of country people are a longstanding problem.
Everybody has different ideas about growth and they often reflect longstanding prejudices.
What may seem an obsessive avoidance of risk is in fact the result of a longstanding bargain.
They could not be seen to abandon a longstanding ally at the first whiff of tear-gas.
As a longstanding, stable democracy, it has moral power.
The difficulties in explaining physics without using maths are longstanding.
One longstanding worry, the security of the state, seems out of date in modern countries.
Some fear that the colonel may slip away to a remote corner of the desert, relying on longstanding tribal pledges of protection.
While the spooks persevere, the government must quickly attend to legitimate and longstanding grievances.
Other soldiers are trying to sort out longstanding problems in the country's carpet industry.
They say it distorts the local economy and undermines longstanding if less lavish efforts to create a workable local government.
Following longstanding local practice, he did not check in with the customs office further down the road.
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