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Example sentences for longing

There was an elegiac tone to much of his work, a heightened awareness of loss and longing and regret.
The goatee was gone, but the thin wisp of a moustache was evidence of my longing for manhood.
It's not exactly homesickness, since that implies a longing for the familiar.
It will fill readers with pangs of warmth and longing.
Somewhere in between those two poles of existential longing lies ice cream.
Nicotine leaving the body caused the longing for the next smoke.
But our human longing to soar has often ended in tragedy.
If it commands our attention, it means it triggers a deep longing in our hearts, if not our flesh.
Times of ease and plenty can bring on the same longing.
Their hearts are filled with the same longing for a good life.
Maybe it's the battered economy that is driving the public's longing for a different era.
They can't shake off the longing for larger meaning.
If you are longing for a level playing field you should begin afresh.
Behind their beliefs is the hopeless longing for innocence.
The brain has developed a longing for information and staying connected.
It is really not easy to put his longing for music in a little drawer.
Our human longing to mimic birds has often proved painful.
The painting speaks of loneliness and isolation so profound that even longing has no place in it.
Its two motives are a longing for simplicity of thought and feeling and a longing for country as opposed to town.
She seemed to look with longing eyes back upon the shore she was leaving, and to call to her companions for help.
Debarred from anything on which he had set his heart, he would have gone mad with longing if he had not gone mad with rage.
It's more an instinctive longing that won't stand dissection.
There was some desperation in the writing of the book-a longing for my home ground.
In effect, there's been an eternal longing to give up atoms for bits.
In the years since, deep regret has set in and the longing for a culinary connection with her has only intensified.
But in the longing for freedom there was a second element which still wanted outlet, the impulse to action.
But there's also a kind of longing for the life you had, or could have had-a different kind of life altogether.
At times my heart cries out with longing to see all these things.
But the longing and legacy were still there, underneath it all.
She says the sight of beautiful children while she's running in the park fills her with longing.
Through these extracts the reader can almost smell the longing and the willpower.
Their melodies and themes are simple, giving voice to the suffering, the determination and the longing of a battered population.
Their reaction is a mixture of disgust, anger, longing and need.
Her eyes the purest blue filled with innocence and longing.
Their differences were many, but they were united by a basic longing for human liberty.

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