long term in a sentence

Example sentences for long term

Though unlikely to succeed in the short term, the new treatment might be valuable in the long term.
Research suggests that rewards may work in the short term but have damaging effects in the long term.
There have been some long term studies made of past disasters.
But trading cannot drive prices up in the long term since for every buy, there is a sell.
Profit margins tend to revert to the mean over the long term, in part because high returns attract new market entrants.
Universities should have a stake in the long term outcome of their students.
Achieving the proverbial win-win-win means forming partnerships for the long term.
They know that any more long term obligations are something they cannot sustain.
In the long term, that sort of thing can help create exactly the sort of food crisis we're suffering right now.
Higher base, smaller bonus, more of the bonus in equity with long term vesting.
With an initial lower cost for led lights, it means the long term savings will be even bigger.
Now, hes also looking for a standards organization to take control of his standard for the long term.
In the long term over a few thousand years, it all gets released.
They chose to go for short term gains over long term stability.
Where water is used to control fly ash, flooding and leaching can cause long term serious environmental damage.
But over the long term, the budget outlook is daunting.
It's based on changing your lifestyle habits quickly and sustaining those healthy changes for the long term.
Tampering with the long term rate will discourage investment by wealthy people.
In the long term, what the government does and doesn't do is incredibly important to the health of the labor market.
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