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Example sentences for long haul

Of course they'd need to design a tank that could store enough air to fuel a long haul.
Conventional wisdom says it's a business move focused on the long haul.
People of different backgrounds, she says, have more to teach one another over the long haul than do people who are exactly alike.
The high price of gas is not a problem that needs to be fixed, except over the long haul with a sensible energy policy.
What really mattered was how a candidate managed his personal finances over the long haul.
Keep in mind also that over the long haul, the health and mental benefits of marriage are countless.
Over the long haul, you've got to invent or improve real products and services to grow.
In the long haul, that will probably make them richer.
But the changes weren't sufficiently radical to deliver better policing with fewer resources over the long haul, he says.
Better to forgo profit today than take it and alienate a client that might produce a lot more business over the long haul.
KP says its churn rate is well below that of its rivals, so it can invest for the long haul.
Then the long haul trucking to distribution centers and then local transported to your supermarket.

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