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Example sentences for long shot

We see the prison buildings in a long shot from the air.
However, the news is not all doom and gloom by a long shot.
However, in any marriage it is a long shot that both partners will be completely satisfied in their vocational arrangements.
How weak to try to attach a ridiculous claim to a post that never made any statement of the sort, not by a long shot.
It isn't bad by a long shot, but far from leading the pack in terms of quality.
Not by a long shot, but without something suitable as a replacement, it seems a necessary evil.
The gist of a lot of the posts seems to be it's a long shot but more power to them.
When it comes to radical energy solutions, an extreme long shot is a nuclear power scheme that would combine fusion and fission.
Although a long shot, it's not inconceivable to consider dire consequences to an ecosystem built on diatoms.
All that you have demonstrated is that scientists have committed immoral acts, not the same by a long shot.
Its a long shot to say this is as good as it'll ever get.
Though a long shot, a breakthrough in storage technology would alter everything.
He said if he had a scene that he didn't think was good enough, he'd do it in a long shot rather than try to punch it up.
But this was not the end of the debate, not by a long shot.
And turnout was guaranteed to be low, a possible opening for a long shot challenger with an enthusiastic base of support.
He has not embraced their overall approach, not by a long shot.
Given his faltering popularity, that's probably a long shot.
The difference between the two-state solution and everything else is that yes, it's a long shot, but it would work.
Another type of signal in the gravity wave sky was once touted as almost a sure thing but is now considered a long shot.
It is a long shot, but everyone is getting pretty desperate.
Finally, though it's a long shot, the ability to isolate stem cells may even lessen the escalating need for blood transfusions.
It was a long shot in the first place, so there is not too much to mope about, but it is still a bit disappointing.
He's been more consistent than the other candidates by a long shot, so no-go there.
It is a long shot that this will achieve anything, but it is all that scientists with their limited power and influence can do.
It might, which is why the bumping would have to be extremely gentle indeed, and why the scenario is something of a long shot.
It's a long shot, but no one is better prepared to do it.
Results from the first two years have exceeded expectations by a long shot.
If it's not strong, you won't have to invest additional hours on a long shot.
The biggest challenge by a long shot is estimating the revenue impact for the veterans' exemption.
Following the law is not enough to keep you safe, not by a long shot.
We get to try something that might not get funded, might be a long shot, or might not work at all.

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