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Doctors have known for a long time that feeling lonely can make you physically sick, but until now they did not know why.
He strolled the waterfront with the beer thudding inside his head, a lonely feeling pulling at his heart.
It can be lonely at the top, especially when it comes to global university rankings.
It is not that the lonely and the gregarious are genetically different from each other.
The lonely polar bear-the unofficial mascot of global warming.
Sleeping with a lonely heart brings a hormone jolt in the morning.
They are bleak and lonely and depressing and beautiful.
If it's harder to find privacy, it's also harder to be lonely.
Such signals could warn other elephants of predators, help a lonely elephant find a mate, or direct them towards food and water.
For a newly formed amino acid in the early ocean, it must have been a lonely life indeed.
Red-footed tortoises in the wild live a typically lonely tortoise life, without even being cared for by their parents.
If you feel lonely persistently, blame it partly on your genes.
Imagination fills in the stories of that room,the chair and the history of the inhabitants of that now lonely room.
The discovery of a nearby solar system renders our corner of space a little bit less lonely.
As the developed world's population ages, future children will own multiple homes and will be as lonely as ever.
The world would be incredibly dull, drab and lonely without them.
But it is unusual to find lonely patches of ice away from the poles.
Heather is lonely since she hates the new members of her step-family.
It could be cool to live in a graveyard, but it could also be lonely to grow up without other kids.
His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship.
Having been a scholar, albeit a lonely one at first, he put his faith in knowledge.
Either way, several ended up leaving college or transferring because they failed academically, or felt isolated and lonely.
One seemed lonely and immediately ran to me, hoping to get some milk.
He seems to have a look of such pride for what he has helped this lonely lady accomplish.
They live in the lonely retired seclusions of the forests, and the males are capable of coping in fight with the lion.
We still have no idea how life began, or whether life exists only here on our lonely planet or pervades the cosmos.
History has many examples of the lonely dissenting voice proven correct in the long run.
It is gonna be a long, lonely, dangerous twisted journey to the truth.
It's mysterious and lonely, and the colours are so rich.
Errant asteroids, flip-flopping magnetic poles, or total climatic collapse will make things awfully lonely.
But it is also a call to arms, a lonely cry in the wilderness of our increasingly electronic and hyperlinked society.
Or to the pasty-faced workaholic, hunched over his computer in a lonely cubicle late at night.
She's lonely and tries to distract herself during the day, but can't escape depression at night.
The lonely cop's poodles are a recurring motif but never overused.
Hers is a good marriage, she tells me, but she is lonely.
He too accepts his guilt and, in his own manner, takes the lonely road of exile.
Librarians are supposed to be bitter spinsters, grudging, lonely.
In the distant future, this will become a lonely place, with nothing to look at.
Writing is a lonely and sometimes dispiriting business, and every kind word helps.
Frozen rocks, ultra-cold gas giants and lonely supra-Jupiters up to small brown dwarfs.
His is such a high and lonely destiny, born out of his infinite wisdom.
Hey, nobody ever said that being a lonely genius was easy.
The lonely little moonbeam would sleep all day, and then wake up and shine all night long, to guide people on their way.
Instead, she took a deep breath and sprinted across the dark, lonely quadrangle.
He had his own villa, with a pool and a personal chef, but he found life lonely.
Short story about a divorced, lonely attorney's brief relationship with a therapist he meets at the jail.
He let it rumble and stop, rumble and stop three full times so that the caller would not suspect how lonely he was.
There is the lonely, unsung writer who toils in obscurity for a decade or more on a possibly doomed masterpiece.
Often their problems with people, and their sometimes extraordinary empathy with animals, can be traced to a lonely childhood.
He says he doesn't get lonely: he can be by himself and it's fine.
Thirty-six years later, she cried when talking to a reporter about this lonely decision.
Here he was alone but never lonely, didn't even know what loneliness was.
It is also a lonely position, becoming more and more solitary as her closest relatives and many friends have died.
Pity the lonely jar of pasta sauce whose label doesn't tell a story.
They were hacked to pieces by shotgun blasts during a high-speed chase along a lonely country road.
They were the calls of prairie chickens, my quarry for the day, and they sounded lonely and sad.
Only children are supposed to be spoiled, selfish and lonely.
Writing is a lonely calling, but it's slightly less lonely now thanks to this new social-networking site.
The graveyard shift has always been a lonely one to work, but new data suggest that it may be an unhealthy one as well.

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