lolling in a sentence

Example sentences for lolling

Instead of spending that time lolling about the lobby, ask your hotel if you can start using the facilities right away.
To this day, celebrities can be spotted lolling on its fine sands.
He and the dogs were a perfect addition, he admiring the sunset and the dogs lolling about casually.
We spent the first afternoon lolling about above a shallow reef, snorkeling, watching angelfish and puffer fish swim below us.
Note the great hump, the lolling mound of fat that sways with each step of the skinny legs.
Now here stood scores of them, with lolling tongues, begging for mercy.
He was probably lolling backstage, away from the action, licking his lips.
Enter the bubonic plague, represented by lolling corpses and scurrying rats.
The other guests, strangers all, lolling around us obtunded with tryptophan.
More and more cats were brought inside for good until only a few old fat ones were left lolling around on the deck.
When whales are seen lolling on the surface, with little movement and widely spaced blows, they are said to be logging.
With dying eyes and lolling heads-- those ashen-grey.

Famous quotes containing the word lolling

Give me books, fruit, French wine and fine weather and a little music out of doors, played by someone I do not know.... ... more
Do you remember the stretcher-cases lurching back With dying eyes and lolling heads, those ashen-gray Masks... more
Why do you gather, my townsmen? There is no news here. I am not a trapeze artist. I am busy with My dying. Three heads <... more
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