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Example sentences for loitering

Those who are loitering by the withered tree are waiting for salvation, which never comes.
He has a good reason for loitering for hours in the rain on a nearly derelict street notorious for drug-dealing.
When there are many, it's worth loitering around the moonflower vine to watch, especially if the night is perfectly still.
It was easier to cross to the other side of the street than come face-to-face with loitering menaces with a nose for my fear.
There are enough game covers featuring a group of youngsters loitering.
The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me-he complains of my gab and my loitering.
All of which could mean more time loitering outside buildings and in alleyways for smokers intent on grabbing a puff.
There are always a few loitering around the visitor's center, enticed by the scent of cooking food.
Soliciting and loitering within the court environs is prohibited.
Watch for suspicious acting people loitering or lurking in the area of parked vehicles.
If someone is loitering around your vehicle, walk past until he leaves.
Alert police to suspicious people loitering in alleys, near cars or garages.
Don't enter your room if someone is loitering in the area and watching you.
Be alert for suspicious people loitering around the areas of your deliveries.

Famous quotes containing the word loitering

Reformers have long observed city people loitering on busy corners, hanging around in candy stores and bars... more
Adrift dissolving, bound for death; Though lumpish thou, a lumbering one— A lumbering lubbard loitering s... more
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