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The tenderloin of beef which lies under the loin and rump is called fillet of beef.
The wet heat makes the interior tender, while the dry heat turns the skin wrapped around the loin gloriously golden and crisp.
Entrees include brined pork loin and king salmon with lobster risotto.
Menu highlights include crab cakes, risotto, stuffed pork loin and creme brulee.
Menu dishes include grilled salmon, prime rib and pork loin.
Dinner items range from bouillabaisse and filet mignon to shrimp scampi and caramelized double pork loin chops.
On the menu, you'll find traditional favorites such as potato pancakes, roasted pork loin and cheese blintzes.
The menu offers such dishes as grilled pork loin with plantains, chicken with yellow rice and shrimp in garlic sauce.
The restaurant uses an outdoor cast-iron pit for barbecuing and serves up such smoked meats as sausage, pork loin and sliced beef.
Try this as a side dish to a meal featuring roast chicken or pork loin or quickly sauteed chicken breasts or pork chops.
Soaking the loin in a salt and sugar brine greatly reduces the chances of dry pork.
The veal loin sits on a small bed of stuffing with celery, popcorn, peanuts and a caramel sauce.
Roll the loin, adding mushrooms while rolling until loin has been completed rolled.
Effect of postmortem aging and hydrodynamic pressure processing on pork loin quality.
Chuck and round items were firm, while loin items were higher and rack items were generally steady.

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I would not fear the devil in the loin Nor the outspoken grave.... more
Who blows death's feather? What glory is colour? I blow the stammel feather in the vein. The loin is glory ... more
Not from this anger, anticlimax after Refusal struck her loin and the lame flower Bent like a beast to lap ... more
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