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Example sentences for logos

Forward-thinking companies are starting to figure out ways to convert their logos to tools of engagement.
They can identify several hundred company logos though.
In the fast food condition, these were fast food logos.
For a surprising number of people these productive pursuits involve worrying about companies' logos.
The protest movement is appropriating the names and logos of corporate-owned publications.
As reductive as this may seem, these kinds of messages-whether in the form of logos or slogans or colors or songs-are effective.
Bottles with script logos have more value than those with block lettering.
Many of them are topped with the corporate logos of the world's biggest companies.
It costs real money to change logos, marketing materials and building signs.
But for many designers, creating symbols or logos is simply a profitable business.
In exchange, he offered to use the companies' logos and mention them as sponsors in the club's introductory brochure.
The interface is exquisite, with photos and logos rather than endless rows of plain text.
Logos, slogans, and mascots help make memorable outreach campaigns.
Graphic files for logos for conservation districts.
To download the logos, select the type of file you want from the list below.
These logos are part of a national effort to promote winter driving safety.

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Listening not to me but to reason [logos], it is wise to agree that all is one.... more
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