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Example sentences for logistics

It's now a bit player in the business of logistics management and warehouse outsourcing.
Make your travel arrangements, and think about what logistics will fit your style.
The logistics of this are mind boggling but a start must be made.
There are definitely people that misunderstand the logistics of my day-to-day life.
The logistics of constant packing and unpacking, not to mention the biking itself, ruled out a heavy course load.
These are the process of closing unneeded bases and the privatization of many functions of logistics and maintenance.
Instead, they are specially designed for their uses in manufacturing or logistics.
The logistics of moving alternative fuel into the skies may actually be simpler than the challenge of getting it on the highways.
The cost and logistics of shipping, receiving and distributing bulk water are formidable.
Logistics and details for the safe transport of the panda are being finalized.
They're not hostile to us, logistics of oil transfer are simplified, and our economies are connected in a number of other ways.
The focus appears to be on logistics, raw materials and manufacturing.
It needs entire new logistics networks linking airports, railways and warehouses-and new dams and electricity grids to power them.
Few refrigerated lorries and poor logistics mean that much of each harvest is wasted.
But the proposal has since stalled because of the complicated logistics involved.
And the emirate will refocus on its traditional strengths: trade, logistics and tourism.
Buy a copy and they help a logistics firm to decide on the best delivery route.
Even when new technology and models are available, the logistics of rolling them out can be daunting.
Out with the defense-industry exec, and in with the physicist-turned-logistics-geek.
Logistics aside, there were my own and my husband's feelings to consider.
Once logistics are settled, students sometimes land in exciting environments.
Conde, who is looking to set up a regional logistics center.
But officials say the choice was driven not by politics but by logistics.
The logistics of building a road in a war-torn nation are daunting.
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