logistically in a sentence

Example sentences for logistically

But outside the rural areas, where one indigenous language prevails, this is neither financially nor logistically feasible.
Today it is both economically and logistically feasible to obtain input from a large number of people.
Logistically speaking, the huge field has been a disaster.
Also, they note that ants are a bit easier logistically to study than rats and mice.
Logistically speaking, it's probably better on some levels.
So traveling with a family of six or more people can be logistically challenging and expensive.
But logistically, there is much more to it than that.
So logistically, this might be harder to grade exams in a similar manner.
Making prints is complicated logistically and must be done discreetly.
Logistically, the team is led by senior scientists and administrative leaders.
However, it would not be logistically or economically feasible to treat free-living wild animals.
The original is a weather service design that has served well but is now no longer logistically supportable.
Logistically, oil spills are a nightmare because they are unanticipated and uncontrolled events.
However, fire is non-selective and logistically difficult to implement.
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