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Example sentences for logistical

Here, for the first time, he encountered the logistical challenges he would face during the ensuing years of the war.
But these are superficial, or at best logistical complaints.
Some of the logistical details are changeable in writing groups and not all groups must work the same way.
Burying them under police stations would solve that logistical problem.
And having to share the airwaves with millions of cell phones can turn a rescue operation into a logistical nightmare.
The big obstacle isn't the writing, but the logistical placement of signs.
Supplying those stations posed a real logistical problem.
It would be both a traffic jam and a logistical nightmare, not to mention the clamor of the doorbell constantly ringing.
Plus, the technique lends itself to a computer programmer's mind and a food distributor's logistical demands.
Many of the logistical problems that had hampered the earliest phase of the response were being resolved.
It had been thrust into a precarious outpost without proper supervision, defensive precautions, or logistical support.
Such logistical delays will be compounded by manpower shortages.
Many of today's start-ups have to grapple with logistical problems that used to be the preserve of large companies.
Disaster relief is basically a giant logistical operation.
So is the scale of the logistical challenge of building one of the world's biggest copper mines in the middle of the desert.
Dogs are only as good as their handlers and their accuracy limited by logistical constraints.
Between the popping of the question and the uncorking of the champagne comes a logistical nightmare.
The industry claimed menu postings would be a costly logistical burden and would clutter valuable real estate on the menus.
The logistical needs of armed groups will offer opportunities for whoever is willing to sustain them.
Try early on to get a lot of the logistical stuff ready.
Traveling around the world by cruise ship solves many of the logistical problems that a similar.
The logistical challenges of making conceptual art can be tremendous.
Recycling is a plus but has logistical limits and generates some emissions anyway as bottles are transported and reprocessed.
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