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We dealt with him by systematically tearing his comments apart using logic and reasoning.
These issues are too important, many appear to believe, for logic and science to play a part.
Not to mention the brains ability to perform fuzzy logic, and many other lines of reasoning.
While addressing a problem in the arcane field of mathematical logic, he imagined a machine that could mimic human reasoning.
Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
It provides logic and sense and order in what might otherwise seem chaotic.
As with many other government regulations, the research has not been done, and there is no logic to this legislation.
Supposedly safer, but if you see the hits that go on, you would have to wonder about that logic.
Malaria is a confounding disease-often, it seems, contradictory to logic.
Timber companies are publicly questioning the logic of protecting forest that spotted owls no longer inhabit.
The logic in going semi-off grid is a simple money equation.
What happened, after a while, was that the logic of traveling took over my life and became a habit.
But there was an inescapable logic in going with an electric motor, in the eyes of the students.
The persistence here, after more than two centuries, of what can still be described as a thriving waterman culture defies logic.
The scoring statistics almost defy basketball logic.
There's a certain logic to making edgy ads networks will refuse to carry, especially if you're trying to wake up a sleepy brand.
Logic dictates that climate change and habitat degradation affect the world's plants and animals.
The logic behind that projection is easy enough to understand.
The idea was for parents to teach their kids some math and logic through puzzles.
Bubble logic promises better control of microscopic.
Figure out the logic in the lines below and fill in the missing number.
The effectiveness of all this built-in logic is borne out in the test drive.
Thought it should be kicking into full steam by now with its great win-win-win logic and prior success.
Their is a limit to sensitivity of machines that use statistical logic to make calculations.
Probably not something that can ever be addressed by any type of logic or observation.
The article promote the use of gut feeling rather than logic.
But by the same logic, in order for students to be admitted, they first have to apply.
When students are educated through memorization with little critical thinking, that request has a valid logic to them.
The dean's logic is that the faculty will still be teaching four courses per week.
Equating cheap labor with illegal immigration totally lacks logic.
The standards call for increasingly complex and diverse readings and a focus on logic, research, and narrative writing.
But that would mean the logic was missing from the stated argument.
There's a lot of logic to that, and it's a fine reason to enact such a policy.
Students and scholars who understand the basic logic of fair use have nothing to fear.
To stress the applications of computing rather than the need for algorithmic logic.
Writing engages the reader and offers a topic, uses competent critical thinking with occasional lapses in logic.
QE follows the same logic as standard monetary policy.
Something similar is true of the logic circuits in computers' microprocessors.
Commercial logic, not to mention basic humanity, demanded an instant recall.
He pretended there was no industrial logic to the takeover plan.
There will be no need for factories, goes the logic, when every village has a fabricator that can produce items when needed.
He is device to show conventional logic and its erroneous pretense.
But sceptics worry that the economy has shown little response to previous stimulus because of poor design or flawed logic.
Turn that logic on its head and it suggests that such ash is worth investigating as a source of nuclear fuel.
The government's severe fiscal plans are based on similar logic.
But the logic for taking action sooner rather than later is powerful.
For the whole logic and strictness of connection is only apparent.
The logic of reality triumphs over the logic of theory.
By subtly controlling this spin, researchers have been able to perform quantum logic.
Many people see the logic of genetic testing to prevent diseases.
The logic works here because home prices are declining.
Any formal logic in these pieces would exist solely in the minds of misguided listeners.
And they have to be persuaded of the strange logic of the turn.
Unfortunately, you find the same logic at work all over publishing today.
Her logic was that with student loan rates so low, it's wiser to put your spare money elsewhere.
But let's say you accept this bizarre logic, and believe that households won't pay down as much debt if interest rates are low.
Yet, as a rule, the general public knows little about these suits or the legal and social logic that resolves them.
By his light, all knowledge was to be laid out and tested on the iron frame of logic.
If the logic is deemed to be watertight, then the result is a theorem.
But it also reveals inconsistencies of logic in our perspective.
They kept the secret because they understood the logic.
The dramatic arc of the music sometimes matches the libretto and sometimes follows its own logic.
Alsop isn't trying to be cute, and there is logic to his zaniness.
Driving crosstown for lunch is an easy, if maddening, way to appreciate the scheme's logic.
What they are after is elegance-a quality, undefinable in terms of logic, that is quite distinct from allure.
So that's my thought experiment- bleak and alarmist, perhaps, but one that follows directly from the logic of this situation.
Following this logic, a pathogen may end up killing lots of people by one of two routes.
She could even solve logic puzzles, including a complex test that required her to plan several steps ahead.
If physics is not an obstacle, however, the problem could still be constrained by logic.
They are a logic whose basis is firmly rooted in the world of how inheritance and behavior play out concretely.
We are all aware of the negatives of smoking but logic requires us to weigh the positives as well.
And this has a certain intuitive logic to it as well.
It's the logic of development that brings cells together into this striking structure.
First it proves that logic and reason are the faculties of the divine.
The initiative inflamed smokers, but many ultimately accepted the logic of tempering the habit to preserve their neighbors' lungs.
Yes, but in this breathless adventure logic is less important than a desperate momentum in both the story and the film's style.
Getting a flu shot, the logic goes, means staying healthy during the looming flu season.
There's a certain dream logic to it, but it doesn't follow that the trick will work twice.
Reversible logic could cut the energy wasted by computers to zero.
The only difference is, there are a few changes in the digital logic.
First, they scour the designs to find any so-called functional or logic errors.
Yet compared with other businesses, the health-care industry has been unmoved by the logic of lowering costs to increase profits.
There is beauty and logic in this progression: first you inhale, then you exhale.
Presently, electrical current alone is responsible for the logic functions in circuits.
Expert systems would embody and manipulate knowledge in the form of symbolic logic.
Because each one would be unique, they would not have exactly the same definitions or logic about similar info points.
It is much easier for a company that is cloud-based to innovate and tune their detection logic.
We feel the same logic holds true for virtual drugs.
It's important in terms of the internal logic of the song.
As often happens with high-concept comedies, the film trips over its own logic.
As though only a total outsider, or fool, or wise guy would apply such workaday logic to the briefing process.
He was torn between the idea that you could go to a heaven where all would be well and the logic that defies that.
The whole situation, beyond logic or apparent reason, is unraveling quickly.
As the thread went on, the commenters replied to one another, sniping at spelling gaffes and crummy logic.
The logic was clear, but the message was about means over mission.
Jerry looks at the ceiling as if there were logic in his figuring.
If you simplify the logic, he was going to be a studio, only he was bringing along his own talent.
There is, in truth, a coherent inner logic to the policy that contains answers to these questions.
Therefore, sound logic dictates the need to minimize foreseeable dangers before beginning any military operations.
He pierced through the sham of philosophical logic as a replacement for devalued epistemology.
He makes a point which, although valid in itself, does not undermine the logic of my arguments.
But in every case his critique contained fundamental errors of fact and logic.
It is the logic that matters, not the material substrate.
There wasn't necessarily any political logic to these decisions.
Against this background, the idea of a long-term interim arrangement acquires some logic.
By refusing to endorse or use the language of counterinsurgency in the speech, he escapes their doctrinal logic.
Clearly, such logic turns human rights principles on their head.
It's that core logic of ever-expanding desires that is unsustainable on a global scale.
But this logic does not explain why plants in cold climates where sunlight is scarce are also green.
The same logic applies to the prison survey results, but there is much less turnover in the prison population.

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