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These products reduce the impact of logging by blending plastic with wood fiber.
Groups of editors at a dictionary watch specific subject areas, logging the hits a new word gets.
For centuries, logging and farming had pushed pandas to steeper and higher terrain.
On top of that, much of the birds' forest habitat was lost to logging and development.
After activating the account and logging in, upload the map you wish to warp.
Natural reforestation is likely to continue as biotechnology makes areas used for logging more productive.
But even in the absence of logging, the slow-growing ebony forests failed to thrive.
Casing is tested by regulation with a process called bond logging to insure the integrity of the casing and cement.
The traditional way would be to lease the land to a logging company.
Note: logging out will delete all stored issues on your device.
The coalition argues that poor countries urgently need the revenue logging can bring.
Logging companies that own land nearby have been anxiously helping with the containment effort.
After logging in visitors will arrive in an atrium displaying a map of the exhibition with the names of participating galleries.
Such data logging and telemetry has made what used to be more of an art into an exact science.
Such data logging and telemetry have made what used to be more of an art into an exact science.
Much of logging has been illegal, with rampant corruption protecting the criminals involved.
For example, the site will remove any contact information and bar people from logging in.
Imagine logging on to your computer on your day off to catch up on a little work.
But after logging out and logging back in as a different user, everything went smoothly.
We'll be logging some serious listening hours this week.
Cultists wired electrodes to their heads while chanting ancient mantras and logging on to computer nets.
At first, his job entailed identifying and logging game bugs.
Logging operations, which provide the world's wood and paper products, also cut countless trees each year.
Researchers have confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests.
Regional logging is extensive and growing, but thus far it has been carried out in a manner that preserves tiger habitat.
The researchers say the tribe's territory is threatened by illegal logging.
We thought the area was protected, but the logging companies are going to keep cutting.
Some were forestry roads or stagecoach routes, others access trails to logging areas or mines or power lines.
And with logging comes more than habitat destruction.
Logging concessions now cover nearly a third of the region.
Also, the local government recently began pushing tourism as an alternative to logging.
Logging companies say they need continued access to national forests in order to thin underbrush, supposedly to reduce fire risk.
Soon afterward, effigies of it began showing up on the grilles of logging trucks.
Across the world, researchers are trying another high-tech tactic to keep an eye on logging practices.
Enthusiasts and researchers have experimented with comprehensively logging their lives for years.
The investigators followed the participants for a decade, logging the number of strokes people suffered.
Some had been pulled behind cars to build up their stamina, their necks scarred by heavy collars and logging chains.
It attributes all deforestation from ranching to cattle, rather than logging or development.
Family guys are logging more time in the kitchen than ever.

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