logarithmic in a sentence

Example sentences for logarithmic

So all our prognoses should reckon with logarithmic plus acceleration in renewables availability, efficiency and falling prices.
Down close to the surface, the wind speed follows a logarithmic profile.
The first graph he designed was a bubble chart that had double logarithmic axes, with income on one axis and health on the other.
The logarithmic spiral echoes the curved arms of hurricanes and distant galaxies.
In fact, the distribution of first digits follows a logarithmic law.
The logarithmic profile effectively described vertical wind speed variations irrespective of atmospheric stability conditions.
Grid spacing can be even, logarithmic, or geometric.
Find an exponential or logarithmic function to model a given data set or situation.
These measured velocity distributions are compared with the logarithmic- and power-law velocity distributions.
From one number to the next on our logarithmic scale, the logarithm goes up by one.

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