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The bullet severed the optic nerve in his right eye before shattering his jaw and then lodging in his neck near his jugular vein.
The economics of the private-prison industry are in many respects similar to those of the lodging industry.
Even lodging a complaint against her employer can mean risking her job and even her life.
The old-growth canopy provides them with not only food but lodging.
Transportation and lodging are noticeably cheaper than they are in summer.
Craftsman-style roadhouse with restaurant, bar, and lodging.
The city's diversity in restaurants unfortunately doesn't extend to lodging.
The kids paid eight hundred and seventy-five dollars each for the five days, sans travel or lodging.
Numerous hotels are offering a free night's lodging when you pay for three, four, or five nights.
Lodging ranges from fully restored grand casbahs to five-star tents pitched deep in the desert.
Stay in lodging that lies lightly on the environment.
Wherever the destination, lodging ranges from mountain huts to high-end resorts.
In developed areas, look for lodging that uses few resources and is built and maintained to have minimal environmental impacts.
More than a century later, similar lodging options are available.
They dispute employers' claims that the discrepancy reflects the cost of food and lodging.
Food and lodging are free, as are extensive recreational facilities.
If decent lodging is not built fast enough, slums may spring up instead.
Other bed-and-breakfasts in town expand the lodging choices.
If you don't want to camp in the park, the following lodging facilities are available in the local area.
Camping is the only lodging available in the park itself.
Gas, food, and lodging are available in the reserve and surrounding areas.
Meals, lodging, and transportation of persons in state service.
Please use the following links to find lodging, food, and other activities in the area.
Companies in the restaurant, lodging, healthcare and technology sectors have been big takeout targets this year.
Some immigrants fear eviction as replacement workers arrive and need lodging.
Cheap lodging no longer means shared bathrooms and scratchy sheets.

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