lodger in a sentence

Example sentences for lodger

He is really only a lodger, getting his meals outside.
The premise usually comes first-although on occasion a situation has been known to come with a lodger.
Finally the sinister lodger comes downstairs and asks for a box of matches.
The maidens had neighbors kind and unkind, and even a lodger.
The maximum length of stay by any lodger shall be four consecutive weeks.
Any amount which cannot be refunded to the lodger who made the initial payment to the vendor is considered excess tax collected.
Lodger fee includes all cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and paper goods.
The tax shall be stated and charged separately and shall be collected by the operator from the lodger.

Famous quotes containing the word lodger

The wedding was a quiet affair, and when called upon to enjoy my promotion from lodger to lover did I exper... more
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