lockdown in a sentence

Example sentences for lockdown

The park will then go into lockdown, and every exit from the park will be closed.
There is an intermediate school nearby that was in lockdown but that has been lifted and parents are getting their kids.
The campus buildings went on lockdown shortly after the officer was shot.
As news of the shooting broke, the campus shifted rapidly into lockdown mode.
The trains aren't running reliably and the streets are in a state of lockdown.
There were metal detectors to enforce this extreme lockdown.
He is held in twenty-three-hour lockdown solitary confinement, and the press is not allowed to interview him.
Between the incidents, the school and the police failed to lockdown the campus.
Hours after police retook control of the plaza, the tiny island nation was in lockdown mode.
Both say that the tribal territory is in lockdown, and that a curfew has been put in place.
Polling stations have been packed this morning, and the country is on a military semi-lockdown.
The school is not on lockdown, the students are not panicking.
The school was placed on lockdown and the library was evacuated.
For example, in a shelter-in-place or lockdown, response efforts would be hindered by panicked parents arriving on the scene.
They should also practice lockdown or evacuation and re-entry to the school campus.
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