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If it becomes a little more recognized locally, then it may get more recognition in the state then regionally.
The rate of funding has declined as locally generated government revenues have grown.
And seasonal domestic ingredients, often locally sourced, are freely employed.
Meanwhile, advocates of locally produced food say the crisis only underscores the dangers of the industrialized food supply.
On the grounds are gardens with native and missionary-era plants and a gift shop of locally-made crafts.
While not abundant, organic farms around the country offer locally grown, pesticide-free trees and wreaths.
Look for fresh, locally grown sprouts-still on the stalk is best-with tightly closed leaves.
Locally, probably all volcanoes cause problems for people.
But the basic idea was a diet based on what's available locally, prepared nutritiously, getting away from meat and fat and sugar.
Foods locally grown need a critical area to survive.
If you can't find the variety you want locally, try one of these sources.
If you can't find what you want locally, try a specialist or a mail-order source.
As we're learning, eating locally has its challenges.
Being locally native, or degree of water, are a big part of my definition.
And off-duty rafting guides brave roller-coaster rapids in locally made kayaks.
Ask students to list some of the environmental problems they have heard about, either locally or in other parts of the world.
Get ideas and insights about pressing issues in freshwater, especially water consumption, locally and globally.
Locally extinct animals include eland, kudu, oryx and the wild dog.
Its arts-and-crafts-style architecture is topped off by wood floors and locally crafted oak furniture.
Case in point, his shower heads made from locally sourced eucalyptus or recycled copper plumbing materials.
Biscuits and pastries are made from scratch here and the menu is chock-full of locally sourced foods.
Renewable energy can be locally produced and therefore is not vulnerable to distant political upheavals.
Our twenty-two member faculty has been locally and nationally recognized for their teaching and research.
Universities that focus on social needs can demonstrate innovations that are useful both locally and globally.
Fortunately for me, there are a good number of them available locally.
However you can see if your faith is represented locally in places of worship.
Not all countries exercise their authority to tax the locally earned income of foreign citizens.
Well, this discussion inspired me to try to get the producers of that film to arrange for a screening locally.
We sometimes court locally, but this year our top prospects are all non-Southerners, several of whom have lived abroad.
People also have the right to make their own mistakes in communities: they have the right to restrict offensive speech locally.
There must be some resources available to you locally.
Me pointing out that the aggression is likely also to be directed locally doesn't always work.
The idea of locally grown food is appealing but there is a reason why it went out of style.
Taken on average this change amounts to slow warming but more severe changes locally.
If you are concerned about trees, go plant some volunteer locally to plant trees in vacant lots or wood lots.
It is a center of excellence, equipped with locally trained health care workers and lab technicians.
Even environmental events that are locally contained can have global ramifications.
When you do your own production locally, you have more connection to real life and are more aware of its cycle effects.
And you have to bring the water from another area if there is no water locally.
It is made from biofuel raised locally and torrefied by a simple device.
Locally made dairy products, including a wide range of farmhouse cheeses, are popular.
Visitors can roam picturesque grounds, taste regional wines and enjoy lunch or dinner with locally-produced flavor.
The busy waterfront and laid-back downtown district offer an eclectic blend of locally-owned shops, restaurants and attractions.
The food they serve will be locally grown, and so will the wedding flowers.
Urban farming was a hot topic in books this past year as interest in locally grown, organic food increases.
Fortunately, websites offer coupons you can use locally.
The restaurant supports local farms and uses locally grown foods when possible.
Dave's offers a number of beers on tap and is locally known for its thin-crust pizza.
The pub serves real ales and locally-produced wines.
Obviously it makes sense to choose a product that has been grown locally over an identical product shipped in from afar.
Futures and options markets for equities either do not exist locally or barely trade.
He also brushes off criticism of the requirement to source locally.
The school is well connected with industry and business, both locally and internationally.
In return they would gain the right to increase the rate of income tax locally.
In every country surveyed, businesses owned by multinationals tend to be better run than their locally owned peers.
Locally grown food would be delivered through island-wide supply hubs.
He paid for electricity wires to be put up locally, settled people's hospital bills, took drifters in when they were homeless.
The secret is the inputs, some three-quarters of which are made locally.
Inject the toxin locally, though, and you can do some good.
Most products on supermarket shelves are still sourced locally.
The government will require oil-industry supplies-from pipes to ships-to be produced locally.
Governments everywhere are favouring locally made goods.
Traffic lights that act locally can improve traffic globally, new research suggests.
The locally-saved photo is geotagged whether or not you choose to share location data when you post, which is pretty neat.
What matters is eating food that's locally grown and in season.
They carry amulets, clubs, and locally made hunting rifles.
Locally, there were complaints of entrapment and a feeling that many trivial charges were lumped together with few serious ones.
World renowned, internationally known, and locally respected.
Yet the current crime problem is being debated in far richer and more complex terms locally.
Maybe this is what has caused me to become more locally invested in my own writing.
Greenlanders are permitted by their government to sell the meat locally but not abroad.
High-end restaurants on higher ground pay a premium for the produce, which they sell locally at a discount.
Some say that they're needed to break up prison gangs that form when people are imprisoned locally.
He gained back his weight, and on his bulky frame he wore stylish suits hand-made from locally woven cloth.
Its partisans don't care whether your ingredients are fresh, organic, or locally grown.
Best of all, much of what's served is grown or produced locally, some of it practically within hollering distance.
Apples-even organic, locally grown ones-raise the suspicion of needles and razor blades.
The kitchen serves seasonal specials and sources locally-from seafood and vegetables to coffee and all-draft beer.
Others included the locally loved coconut and lemon-not pictured due to popular demand.
They were made of whatever wood was locally available.
The white line marks the day-night boundary, so it'll be late afternoon locally at the predicted re-entry location.
Observers within each frame will, however, arrive at the same speed for light when measured locally.
Yet all observations, including those of the early universe, are locally derived.
We know it exists locally, in nearby galaxies and clusters of galaxies, too.
But the data is actually being generated on the spot, locally, in your computer.
Weather is what you get locally, but its trends are certainly part of climate.
In the future nano probes will do what the bulky ones do now locally and could be built for fractions of the price.
But those objects are not exceeding c in their movement locally through space.
In the free-falling frame, the gravitational field has been locally transformed away.
In countries where it aspires to join the political mainstream, it renounces the use of violence locally.
It also shifted the locus of decision-making from locally based citizens to distant corporate boards.
Researchers then focused laser light to locally activate the proteins, causing protrusions that led to cell movement.
When that computer's user opens a file browser window, all files and folders appear to be stored locally.
But instead of looking at a collection of facial features locally, it examines the face as a whole.
The software has been designed to be modular, so that it's easy to swap in locally appropriate elements.
First, the iron particles heat up, locally melting the solder.
Cancer cells initially invade locally in the nearby tissue.
Every gallon of ethanol produced locally allows us to import less oil from unreliable and often unfriendly foreign sources.
As a planet it's time to think globally act locally.
We can start locally at the district and country level and then move globally.
Still, the fact that not all locally grown products are organic had me worried.
Indulge in locally made wine and cheeses and crafts.
Perhaps green prawns, a range of vegetables, even locally reared venison.
His father was a locally famous countertenor, but in fact the entire family was talented and the house never silent.
And while locally grown has become some eco-eaters' mantra, what you eat matters more than where it comes from.
The farmer's markets and grocery aisles are filled with locally grown ears.
He was a successful professional artist, well known locally and elsewhere.

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