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Imagine local resistances of breeding groups to endemic diseases, and the evolutionary response of those localized pathogens.
The effects of inhaled polonium are localized in the lungs.
It describes a purely psychological process, which could better be characterized by terming it localized.
And that will be useful because we'll be moving capital back to much more localized sources.
People are obviously using rail and subway transit, and using the car for localized trips.
The explosions were loud but brief and usually quite small, with destructive power that was concentrated, and therefore localized.
For years, scientists have known that localized human factors such as pollution and overfishing damage coral reefs.
Despite being a relatively localized phenomenon, the industry is active.
But it used to happen on a limited and localized scale.
Winter: becomes more localized throughout range as species gather in large flocks.
Landslide tsunamis are more localized and are usually much smaller.
Every language uses a mixture of localized and original names.
The positive externalities of investigative journalism are both diffuse and concentrated in localized ways.
Smart metering allows the charging of variable rates based on the localized bidding time for electricity.
In that sense a localized bubble is less likely than a global one if it comes to that.
Localized government is also much more vulnerable to vicious circles.
The city is too big, and the confrontations are localized.
In their framework, localized knowledge of the type the author discusses results in much more efficient outcomes.
The machines themselves and the skills themselves are specialized and become localized.
Think of it as localized terraforming, if that helps.
Localized data networks have relieved cars of pounds of discrete wiring.
Localized gas plumes may point to biological or geologic activity.
First demonstration of localized ripples of matter.
We tried localized economies in the past, pre-mechanical transportation days.
Besides, if dark matter is real then it is here all around us and thus would impact our localized formulas as well.
Instead, the ants begin a localized search that seems to take into account the direction in which they were planning to go.
These disorders cause not only mental anguish but a variety of real physical symptoms, including localized pain.
New research, however, supports the idea that reading does rely on a localized set of neurons.
Individual patches of space may expand faster or slower, but researchers reckon that the discrepancies are localized.
In other words, the researchers achieved incredibly localized heating of cell membranes without affecting the rest of the cell.
Despite localized heavier snowfalls, though, the region is generally suffering from a drying trend.
The researchers suggest that there is a localized brain reaction that correlates to deception.
And research suggests that the rates of this form of localized arthritis are still on the rise.
But many of these countries have localized population centers, defined by large cities and largely undeveloped rural land.
As mentioned, unlike bullets, the laser will require some duration of localized contact to produce necessary heat damage.
The advantages of having localized pressure on a small group of individuals could produce a mutation that helps a entire species.
Typically, pig odor is a localized air quality problem.
Localized scleroderma usually affects only the skin on the hands and face.
To date, neither treatment nor active surveillance has emerged with a definitive survival advantage for localized prostate cancer.
Swelling of lymph nodes generally results from localized or systemic infection, abscess formation, or malignancy.
Localized scleroderma nearly always carries a good prognosis and a normal life span.
Radiation therapy may be used as an initial treatment for localized prostate cancer.
He has bluntly indicated that the fascist-minded are in no way localized.
As may be surmised, credit for this metamorphosis cannot be localized.
Programming will be localized to each restaurant's community.
Localized flash flooding is possible from thunderstorms that produce heavy rainfall.
Phoenix rarely receives snow, though rain is common enough during late summer and may even cause localized flooding.
The weather has led to fewer pumpkins and the risk of localized shortages.
Another develops when a small number of criminals-say, a pair of burglars-go on a localized crime spree.
Most of the time these localized naps did not affect a rat's behavior, but some led to errors.
Sometimes tooth abscesses develop in clearly localized and accessible regions, making incision and drainage relatively easy tasks.
His answer was yes, light could be localized- but it wouldn't be easy.
First, global warming does not preclude localized areas of cooler than normal weather.
Damage has either been highly localized and permanent, or general and temporary.
Likely they don't spread efficiently enough, which is consistent with the localized cultures observed.
To my eye this, what ever it is, is a much more localized event and not some far off edge of space anomie.
Therefore, if you have a set of debris in a localized field it is all going to move in the same average direction.
But a muscle spasm is a physiological effect that is not an increase of localized adenosine.
Climate is weather minus interannual localized noise.
Cooling can be localized or facilities can be redesigned to make better use of existing technologies.

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