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Setting is, well, setting-meaning the trip's locale as well as cultural context.
In any event, there are temporary options for you in your new locale.
Education is so mandatory that you see nomads walk for hours to attend the nearest school in their locale.
Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the locale.
Blood racing through a brain region's web of vessels is a sign that nerve cells in that locale have kicked into action.
The campus got a donor to renovate a locale where the whole dept could be housed under one roof.
Buy a guidebook, history, or work of fiction set in the locale.
She takes all the time in the world to establish her plot, her people and her locale.
The online index is organized alphabetically by locale name.
Besides reading the histories, take a moment to get in touch with the ethos of the locale.
The garden's orchids, bromeliads, palm and guava trees underscore the tropical locale.
His food supplies were low, and he felt emotionally thin, stressed by loneliness and the inhospitable locale.
There is obviously no one authoritative locale that can claim to be the cradle of western civilization.
She frowns on, if not forbids, any transplanting of locale exquisite cooking.
The different colloquialisms that develop are purely locale-based and there's nothing officialdom can do about it.
Attar of rose differs depending on the locale where the plants were grown as well as changes in climatic conditions.
By putting everything in sharp focus she lessens the impact of her vivid sense of locale.
If it's not a thrilling project, maybe you could find an exotic locale in which to work on it.
Plus the vibe at this new locale is super chill, and you'll definitely feel that you're being well cared for.
Unfortunately, brain cells seem an improbable locale for quantum mechanical antics.
If the vaccination uptake in a locale isn't high enough, infants are more likely to pick up something from the people around them.
The time of the story, the locale, the characters had all to be changed.
Much in this arresting novel is unusual in its locale, its people, and their behavior.
One region's native species can be another locale's invader.
In any given locale, all depressions run parallel to one another.
Residents of host communities can plan for types of tourism that will support the kind of locale that they want to live in.
Tourism can contribute to preserving your locale-or to degrading it.
Enhance the geographical character of the destination by developing and improving it in ways distinctive to the locale.
First of all, the arrangements for a conference of this size in a remote locale are remarkable.
It is also a quaint honeymoon locale for those seeking a little rest and relaxation-and perhaps, a good bottle of wine.
Bed-and-breakfast accommodations are a favorite choice for visitors of the winery and this beautiful, natural locale.
Later in the evening, the locale transforms into a lounge with regular live entertainment.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it can sometimes be refreshing to experience a weekend getaway to a new locale.
As a result, average temperatures are a better indication of climate for a certain locale.
The terrain and water conditions vary depending on the locale.
Skydiving makes a natural fit for the locale, as well as providing a great way to view the area's gorgeous topography.
The resort has been a locale for episodes this season.
Now that information is at your fingertips in one dynamic locale.
Fledgling bird-watchers searching for the perfect locale to spread their wings don't have to travel far, say birding experts.

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Nothing can happen nowhere. The locale of the happening always colours the happening, and often, to a degre... more
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