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He got even more frustrated when he couldn't get a response from the local government.
Every local government can do more than any other group to decrease oil dependancy.
The local government is now evacuating the nearby villages.
That's how the local government monitors traffic, chases down leaky water mains, and keeps tourists on the straight and narrow.
He thinks discussion of city plans on a broadband network could make life easier for local government.
Nor are state and local government pension funds broke.
Almost one-third of the jobs worked in federal, state and local government agencies.
The local government organization works to monitor and improve regional air quality.
Also, the local government recently began pushing tourism as an alternative to logging.
As ecotourism in an area grows, the local government often recognizes the economic boom and seeks to maintain it.
These maps and recommendations could be shared with a local government official or environmental club.
Train service is provided to migrant workers by the local government.
The local government and the townspeople share the cost of running and maintaining the program.
However local government employees have funded pensions paid from a pot collected at source, ie the authority and the employee.
Nor is it bad news that a local government cannot get away with high-handed collective punishment of its power-guzzling citizens.
Voting in this week's local government election was slow, the atmosphere sour.
According to the peasants, the local government has seized their land to build an artificial lake in order to attract tourists.
But his own officials seem reluctant offer much convincing detail on local government compliance.
For years it was organised by small co-operatives, often supported by local government.
The steady bleed of public sector jobs shows state and local government austerity is already weighing heavily.
They are now rapidly sowing more coffee seeds, with the encouragement of the local government.
Social media is changing how state and local government elections are covered, including fraud or corruption reporting.
State and local government employment has steadily lost jobs every month this year.
Education continues to struggle, but that's because it's largely a subset of state and local government jobs.
So some of that money will come back to the local government in the form of taxes.
The local government response has worsened the injustice.
It can work to stop the bleeding of state and local government jobs.
Presumably that means this astronomical figure does not even include state and local government debt.
Overall success is measured by residents' support for the coalition and the local government.
As you might imagine, local government officials are extremely antsy about the whole thing.
Members of the local government and descendants of the sage took turns at an altar in his honor.
In villages, land still belongs to local government.
Few sections of the city were protected, in part because local government bureaus often profited from development.
They must work in close and constructive concert with a credible local government.

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