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Trull is a lobbyist as despised as she is respected.
The budget process is almost entirely driven by the state legislature, with the governor reduced to the role of a lobbyist.
Hopefully, tax reform is a cause which can garner sufficient support to overcome the lobbyist horde.
All these staffers got a fun time in some cool technology from a lobbyist.
Well, okay-a lobbyist and an investor who's probably talking up his position in biotech and pharmaceuticals.
We the people are allowing cunning politicians aided by lobbyist to dismantling our future.
And so it goes in a system buried by lobbyist money.
Other politicians exit for lobbyist or firms-that-do-business-with-governments.
Who they are serving in fact are tax accountants, and industry lobbyist.
Perry's energy speech was taken virtually whole cloth from an oil company lobbyist group's website.
If a lobbyist's name appears on the listing, the quarterly report was filed.
Raw milk supporters recently hired a lobbyist to try to amend state law to allow raw milk sales, according to a state report.

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The President is the people's lobbyist.... more
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