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If the aroma of sweet loaves baking in a warm kitchen during the holidays stirs happy memories, you aren't alone.
Loaves of freshly baked bread were cooling on racks by the window.
Shape into two loaves, cover, and allow to rise until doubled.
So she went up to it, and took out all the loaves one after another with the bread-shovel.
Taking pity on our wretched appearance, drivers slowed down and threw loaves of bread out of their cars.
Nobody was going bats and buying forty loaves of bread.
People turn their plastic baguette-bags into slings, so as to carry five warm loaves at once.
People stay at work, although their work is worth fewer loaves of bread.
Cornmeal and seasonings were added and the resulting mush was pressed into loaves, allowed to set, then sliced and pan-fried.
My friend noted that he had several loaves of stale bread slung over his shoulder.
When baking cake arrange to have nothing else in the oven, and place loaf or loaves as near the centre of oven as possible.
So she went up to it, and took out all the loaves one after another with the bread-shovel.
Eighty-one carbonized loaves of bread were found in the ruins of a single baker's oven.
The crusty loaves of today's artisan bakers are the staff of life.
The loaves should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom.
Bakers at grocery stores are required to bake loaves of bread for people who are paying with food stamps.
Huge, fluffy loaves of white bread dominated until the local grocery store began stocking whole wheat and rye flours.
Elbows fly and a few loaves are dropped as everybody rushes to grab theirs and start cooking.
Bread loaves are placed in pie pans or on cookie sheets and covered.
Sometime next year, the scientists expect to have enough flour from experimental plants to bake test loaves.
The tolerance permitted in the weighing of twenty-five or more loaves shall not exceed one-half ounce per pound.
Should be able to pick up loaves of,bread and vegetables to sort, wrap and use twist ties.
Shift loaves midway through baking so that they are done evenly.

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