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Although an uncle left the chair to him, another family member who had it on loan seemed reluctant to surrender possession.
None of the loan money was slated for hydrogen projects.
Well, a lot of it was goosed by federal loan guarantees funded by stimulus money.
Her logic was that with student loan rates so low, it's wiser to put your spare money elsewhere.
Whatever the type of loan you need, it makes sense to research all your options before signing on that dotted line.
It is not only hapless borrowers and those in the subprime loan market who will suffer.
Borrowers of all types are now finding it much easier to obtain a loan compared with a few months ago.
Loan originators can't simply come up with their own loans.
The visitors center is fully accessible, and wheelchairs are available for loan.
Yes, let's free them from local loan sharks so that they can become prey for global loan sharks.
It would have been a fairly simple matter for someone to finance a loan for a locker facility.
The company is developing the car now and counting on a federal loan to get it built.
Left on the books and marked to market, a loan will be valued at the price at which others have managed to sell.
The plan uses tax credits, loan guarantees and other incentives to promote building retrofits.
The others are on loan from generous owners around the country.
To hear some small-business owners talk, getting a loan remains all but impossible.
Eventually, the city got its finances in order, with the help of federal loans and loan guarantees.
Making a long-term loan is not a carry trade, because there is significant amount of risk of default and/or revaluation.
He is not going to feel the pain if the loan does not get fulfilled.
Also, several collectors loan their material to museums for exhibits.
If you need to borrow, the interest typically doubles the loan amount.
Tuition from those students will pay the loan back, he said.
Interlibrary loan of dissertations is dependent on the interlibrary loan networks you are involved in.
Sure, you could get one of those chunky, cellular card-readers on loan from the credit card company.
It is also less than half the rate a moneylender would charge or what a poor borrower would end up paying for a bank loan.
Some inhabit the nether world of loan sharks and bail bondsmen.
His new loan for the boat was prudent so long as housing prices were rising.
However, many such loan applications are turned down, especially in tough economic times.
Make the bounty substantial, make the traps free on loan.
The usury laws seem to have had little effect on genuine loan sharks who continue to work undisturbed.
It was when that loan went sour that the city stepped in with financing.
The car paid for itself in roughly the same amount of time it took to pay off the loan.
One important thing is that while you are searching for a education loan you may find that you will need a cosigner.
To be sure, for some people the best route out of poverty will be a bank loan.
Next month is the deadline for projects to get funding from a loan-guarantee program worth tens of billions of dollars.
It takes two to make a loan: a solvent and willing lender and a credible borrower.
Applying for a loan is also usually faster than searching out investors.
It is no longer as easy as a bank wanting to make a loan and a borrower wanting a loan.
He also discovered that its owners were in default on a federal loan and that foreclosure was imminent.
Rapidly growing student loan debt makes matters worse.
Credit-card and automobile-loan defaults have been increasing.
Some asked for items as simple as shoes, or cash to repay a loan.
It also wanted to protect the loan programs for green technologies.
When he applied for a little loan at the bank, they threw him in the street.
Almost a half-century later these modest steps have metastasised into a huge, federally guaranteed student-loan industry.
Attractive people also have an easier time getting a loan than plain folks, even as they are less likely to pay it back.
Loan losses are high, but the spreads are so large that with any semblance of credit discipline there should be room for profits.
Calculations of financial ratios can be thrown out by wild currency movements, potentially triggering breaches of loan covenants.
Clients who two years ago would not have qualified for a loan now find that they can.
But all of these firms are subject to restrictions on their branch expansion, loan-to-deposit ratios and local-currency business.
Indeed, the rapid rate of loan growth has already created two major worries.
Millions of jobs disappeared, home-loan defaults mounted and corporate restructuring made the workplace distinctly unsettling.
Worse, it faces a barrage of loan-repurchase lawsuits from bond insurers and private mortgage investors.
And lenders fear lawsuits from mortgage bondholders if they start writing down loan values.
Issuance of structured-loan funds, which a few months back looked dead, is booming.
Many bids for loan forgiveness have been denied for unclear reasons, and many borrowers have simply given up.
The no-loan programs vary quite a bit, depending on each college's priorities and its financial resources.
Some are an abbreviated introduction to journals databases and the mysteries of inter-library loan.
Under this program, your loan payments could be reduced, based on the amount of discretionary income you have available.
Countrywide will modify the loan to a rate that will keep borrowers in their homes.
Economists say that's the lowest rate ever for the loan.
Borrowers can apply online for consolidation of their federally insured student loan debt.
Lists your obligations if you decide to cosign on a loan for a friend or relative.
Many loan programs require one year of personal and business bank statements to be submitted as part of a loan package.
To file your disaster loan application online, please click here.

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It is odd that the NCAA would place a school on probation for driving an athlete to class, or providing a loanmore
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