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It's a giant, screw-shaped coffin into which are loaded your expired meat and bones, ready to be twisted into the ground.
And once loaded, the belt gripped the hips with a particularly gentle touch, despite chintzy plastic load-bearing reinforcement.
Four were loaded on the donkey's back, secured in a crazy jumble by a tangle of plastic twine and bungee cords.
The clams would be taken to a dock, loaded onto a refrigerated truck, then boxed in ice for shipping.
All of these are loaded issues which are not adequately addressed in organ-transplant policies at the state and federal levels.
Certainly, none is so loaded with traps and pitfalls.
Each day he heard the clink of all the quarters, dimes, and nickels that his employees loaded on and off each bus.
Two hundred police, some clad in riot gear, loaded people into vans before tearing down between twenty and thirty tents.
The word is so loaded with baleful connotations that it tends to empurple any surrounding prose.
We lowered two red skiffs from our research vessel, loaded our diving gear, and sped off toward the lagoon.
At the lion poacher's cabin, they discover bear parts, dozens of antlers and loaded guns.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
It has to be removed from the film can and loaded into the camera in total darkness.
Global warming, on the other hand, has become a politically loaded and often divisive topic.
Nearby trees were loaded with fruit, and the closest town is renowned for a root.
They supply a collection kit that comes with nine vials pre-loaded with cookie crumbs.
Self-loathing is also highly relative and politically loaded.
Usually they are broken when the bulbs are loaded on the trucks.
Meat years ago was completely different, it wasn't loaded with the hormones and chemicals it is today.
Sorry for carelessly using loaded terms in this discussion.
With the widespread electronic automation, mobile phones are loaded with many new features.
What's worse, the terms of the comparison are loaded.
So these loaded terms have an unestablished first cause which forever puts them outside the sphere of science.
It stinks, and it's loaded with naturally occurring toxic minerals, not to mention crude oil and/or natural gas.
Another, perhaps less loaded, way of putting this is that a war necessarily involves a serious miscalculation on someone's part.
It needs to be refined, shipped, loaded into trucks and purchased for resale.
If they store them loaded, even in a locked cabinet, my children do not play at their homes.
You've got to stay dry, even when you're pulling a sled loaded down with gear.
Also, in the new version it is more tedious to be sure that you have loaded all the contents of your inbox for offline processing.
The cubs are loaded into wire cages and then onto a helicopter for transfer back into the wild.
Y ou are now walking into the store armed with a mobile device that is loaded with the retailer's app.
The fact that it is loaded with vitamins and minerals was secondary.
Gripped by a bout of madness, they overpaid for firms at the top of the economic cycle and loaded them with too much debt.
Before the crisis, higher prices were easily addressed: buy-out firms simply loaded up on debt.
Its households are loaded down with mortgage debt, a legacy of its long housing boom.
The old is the ship but it takes a new form in huge container ships that can be loaded and unloaded efficiently.
Things that are supposed to be free actually are loaded with hidden costs.
Loaded with debt, it filed for bankruptcy last year.
Much of the south's coal supply is sent by rail from northern mines to the coast and then loaded onto ships.
Noone responded because it was a loaded rhetorical question.
Many cars are loaded with junk technology, and few people question it.
Journalism is probably a loaded term in this discussion.
Along comes an ant, which swallows a slime ball loaded with hundreds of lancet flukes.
The plane was loaded with instruments for studying how ice forms in clouds.
The new twist on this technology is that it is loaded in a phone.
Unless you're loaded at center and have a games played limit, get him in your lineup.
Beans are cholesterol-free and nutrient-dense, including antioxidants from their pigmented skins, and are loaded with fiber.
The bomb was apparently loaded on a motorcycle that was left near the police station.
People are loaded down with shopping bags and thinking about a late lunch.
They kept asking us these really loaded and weird questions.
She loaded her luggage into the open trunk and drove off.
Our state has a hugely bloated bureaucracy loaded with sacred cows too numerous to mention.
Shaw was suppose to ask tough questions of the candidates, not editorialize while posing a loaded question.
They leave port a few days later loaded mainly with empty containers.
Countless private citizens are driving trucks loaded with food, water and clothes into the delta.

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