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Ala, one little side effect could be that all the bio living things could become its food source for its perpetuation.
The use of a revocable living trust is often touted as a way to avoid the time and expense of probate.
Much of it really depends on your personal standard of living.
Or it may be that they belong to a fourth domain of living organism.
Living in the mountains may provide benefits beyond a picturesque view.
Many will come to see the invention as a bane of urban living.
Living in the city can mean living with compromises.
Driving is perhaps the scariest part of living there.
For many people, living a healthy, balanced life can seem impossible.
People living in the country, especially near the creeks, see them over the years.
Clicking on them revealed photos of an apartment interior-a bedroom, a kitchen, a filthy living room.
We want to go on living in order to go on living, and not for much more.
The living room now glows with new wood floors and a lighter, less-obtrusive shade of paint on the ceiling beams and trim.
Living with the clones of a dead dog has its surprises.
The cost of living is moderate and the quality of life is high.
The mistake is to use it as the indicator of living standards.
His experiments showed that yeast was not only the cause of fermentation, but that it was a living microorganism.
Alone among living creatures, human beings have no tolerance for the inexplicable.
Living in a dorm doesn't put the kibosh on your first adventures in cooking.
Creating a colorful outdoor living room from an unruly yard can seem intimidating.
The living room is now a colorful new gathering area.
For years, researchers have wanted to look at individual neurons in living brains.
My previous living situation would have driven my significant other insane, but it worked for me.
New genetic findings suggest that early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
Floor-to-ceiling windows give the living area a brightness and connection to the outdoors.
He lives pretty far and has a studio, so basically he is almost living with me.
In many animals, relatives tend to stay close, either sharing the same territory or living in neighboring ones.
Early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
The organism may be sicker, he observes, but it is living longer.
Living alone in the wilderness far away from civilization had long been a dream of mine.
Living green means paying attention to the details as well as large issues.
The current cycle of global warming is changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon.
Animals aren't the only living things that use adaptations to survive.
But even small changes in temperature or precipitation could drastically impact plants and animals living in the desert.
The idea of missing something means you're not living in the moment.
Don't wait for a certain day or event to signal the day when you should begin living the life you want.
Some live as housemasters in or near the dorms but it is then a lot cheaper living than being in private houses.
Their existence, however, in the living is open to question.
The land of ice, and of fearful sounds, where no living thing was to be seen.
These later years have been living years-fruitful years for the people of this democracy.
The study of living things may shed light on urban planning.
But once a couple is living together, it is harder to split up than if they were merely dating.
Scientists have found a link between creativity and living abroad.
The living-room television is being monopolised by her father, who is watching sport.
No intelligent designer would have put the genomes of living organisms together in the way that evolution has.
They bought brownstones, renovated them and created simple, large and airy living spaces.
But their chances improve if they were already engaged when they began living together.
Our reporter spends a dark night with the living dead.
Such are the brute facts of biology, which can only evolve because some living things are better at reproducing than others.
Packed with suggestions and resources for living as benignly as possible.
Today's artists have surprising new ways to reach fans and make a living.
One ad portrayed a well-dressed marksman firing at a target in his living room fireplace while a dog lounged at his feet.
As our living ancestors, they give us a view of lost worlds.
Maybe for the past six years we've been living in that universe.
And, even more important if you are the sole geek of the the house, good enough to put in the living room.
We've been living in a unique period of accelerating technological progress.
The surprising benefits, to oneself and to society, of living alone.
How an ambitious experiment in ecological living led to a goat pen.
It's been brief violence balanced by coddling living conditions.
They believe the culture thrived for hundreds of years, breaking up into settlements and living off the fruitful land.
The mosquito has adapted to living alongside humans, happily breeding in human houses and water containers.
Had she been living today, she might have been any of the mystery or thriller writers who write a book a year.
After six weeks, there are enough living cells for an entire bladder.
The challenges of inventory control as you're living out of a carry-on for a week.
We can maintain a high standard of living in the next decade or two by changing nothing.
The health concerns for you or your family with living by the pump.
Scientists believe the lake could be home to cold-loving microbial life adapted to living in total darkness.
Prove what a big macho jerkoff you are by wiping out every other living thing.
Plus, the raw materials are durable and cheap: any living green vegetation will do-nature has seen to that.
Living plants are full of bacteria and phytochemicals that are destroyed during processing and cooking.
Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that in trace amounts is required for the proper functioning of living cells.
Helping them install clean infrastructure and making low-impact living possible will limit the damage these aspirations can cause.
The traits of a living thing depend on the complex mixture of interacting components inside it.
The second is the notion of branching evolution, implying the common descent of all species of living things.
We are living in the middle of a revolution in consciousness.
The bedrooms were on the bottom floors, and the kitchen and living room on top.
Next thing you know, dogs and cats will be living together.
Lee had been living at home for nearly a year and was writing a novel.
For three years, he ran the jazz club, but felt that he was living two people's lives.
It is the leader of a style of cooking, of a social movement, and of a comprehensive philosophy of doing good and living well.
Living donation is a low-risk procedure for the donor that offers life-changing rewards for the recipient.
It happens over the heads of poor parents, as if they are too simple to have an opinion on the dilemma they themselves are living.
Among living animals, only lungfish are closer kin to tetrapods.
Ford has determined that each resident pod speaks a lingo that's distinct even from the language of other pods living nearby.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
How a living material of cheese fungi sandwiched between plastic sheets works.
All living creatures need phosphorus, as the element plays an important role in many cellular and organ functions.
The trouble is that my boyfriend's parents do not approve of their children living with a significant other before marriage.
Often living on fixed incomes, many seniors need an affordable apartment.
While some people afflicted with it adjust and even come to enjoy their peaceful living conditions, others sink into deep funks.
Drugs could be slipped into living cells using a light-sensitive capsule.
Researchers have developed a screening tool for discovering unexpected effects that drugs may have on living cells.
Since then it's been happily sweeping my living room and dining room every week or so.
Ting then used an enzyme to join her two linkers, and voilĂ --she could observe a living cell in action.
We are living now since almost twenty years entirely off the grid on solar power.
All of her living places were temporary in the purest meaning of the term.
Economic growth can, of course, be enormously helpful in advancing living standards and in battling poverty.
Yes, it would be wonderful if everyone living in the developing world had access to modern medical care.
It will stop when the living standards in these other countries catch up with ours.
In a country obsessed with walls, he is a living challenge to the political system.
In its sculptural immobility, it appears as likely to be the face of a corpse as of a living being.
Living kidney donors and non-donor controls will be studied before and after the living donor transplant.

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