livid in a sentence

Example sentences for livid

Then they fire up the guy, and he explodes in sheets of colored fireworks and giant livid gouts of flames.
The rupee is weak, investors are nervous and business folk are livid about red tape.
Here she is, bald-lifting the squeaky flap of her white rubber bathing hat to tuck out of sight strands of her livid hair.
Patients with terminal pneumonic and septicemic plague would develop livid cyanosis and large ecchymoses.
The county officials were livid about that, so they want to get someone.
It was stated that the circuit court clerks are livid about this new law.

Famous quotes containing the word livid

The first of the undecoded messages read: "Popeye sits in thunder, Unthought of. From that shoebox of an apartment, From... more
The Lightning showed a Yellow Beak And then a livid Claw.... more
In the centre of his cage The pacing animal Surveys the jungle cove And slicks his slithering wiles To turn the venereal... more
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