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Livestock grazing has other noteworthy environmental benefits as well.
Half of its people depend on livestock for their survival.
Organic agriculture seeks to raise crops and livestock using natural practices.
The gases combined with water in the atmosphere to produce acid rain, destroying crops and killing livestock.
Perry used custom fabricated aluminum hoops and galvanized livestock fencing.
Most of the resulting corn is fed to livestock who didn't evolve to subsist entirely on corn.
Because they straddle the line between livestock and pets, chickens are allowed in some unexpected places.
In some ways, this was good: it meant that arable farmers could now protect their crops against livestock.
The idea is to move the livestock into bigger herds and move them around more.
The need to do fundamental research on odor, on controlling odor, and on gaseous dust emissions from livestock is still there.
Agriculture and livestock are by far the largest water users in the world.
And it's the kind of thing you have to pay attention to if you're going to manage livestock.
It's about eating as efficiently as possible, so that grains destined for livestock will reach people instead.
The cattlemen's group has held a series of livestock auction fund-raisers to pay legal fees.
So far livestock farmers, however, have had little success.
People sometimes allow their livestock to graze in the reserve itself, though it is illegal.
Livestock have already been cloned for sale to producers.
Half of this is spent on social programmes, from zinc roofs and livestock to subsidised bus travel.
The livestock and grocery industries use this as an excuse to raise their prices.
It's all done without government subsidies, cost-sharing, nutrient management plans or confinement livestock systems.
Proper care of livestock means fatter animals for market and more income for their owners.
The killer could be a painkiller commonly fed to ailing livestock.
Slowly but surely the otherworldly color mutates and destroys crops, insects, wild animals and livestock.
Government and private groups are looking at ways to develop a camel livestock industry.
It is similar to the biochips that are used to identify pets and livestock.
In order to survive, these social creatures form packs, scavenging garbage or killing livestock in teams.
The trees are fenced off so that livestock can't eat them.
And grazing livestock can become infected after eating contaminated vegetation.
They've traded livestock vaccinations for leopard protection, and insured farm animals against attacks.
But the piecemeal efforts to revive ancient trades in frankincense, henna and hides do not begin to make up for livestock.
Horses were among the last species of livestock to be domesticated.
And the seeds would produce oil, and seeds could also be fed to livestock.
Factory farming means raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density.
With grain prices rising speculators want grain, so the price of feed for livestock rises speculatively.
They were prized by hunters and despised by farmers and ranchers who suffered livestock losses at their hands.
Demand for grain is accelerating not to feed humans or livestock but to fill petrol tanks.
The cactus was destroying rangeland, where ranchers raised livestock.
Most grains are used as food either for people or for livestock.
The dogs can and do prey on livestock and even cattle.
Higher livestock prices can, in turn, be explained by the rising cost of grains.
Poor farmers lack adequate education and resources for husbandry and protection of their livestock.
The local villagers live in traditional courtyard houses dotted about the valley floor and work the land, rear livestock and hunt.
The genetically engineered anthrax antigen can also be modified to create an anthrax vaccine for use in livestock.
In addition to their house searches, soldiers cut down apricot trees for fuel, stole livestock and killed residents.
They face habitat loss, illegal hunting for skins and other body parts, and retaliatory killing when they prey on livestock.
The reservoirs that supply the only water for their livestock will run dry in a month.
To prevent the silting, the government launched a livestock reduction program.
Various studies suggest that tourism's losses could be four times higher than livestock losses.
But then, if you've had experience with livestock before then the trouble won't be anything you haven't experienced before anyhow.
Try looking up anything to do with livestock reproduction.
We need to know more about what goes on in the livestock industry, not less.
They also fear that livestock will injure themselves by stepping into the entrances of prairie dog burrows.
Unfairly, ranchers have viewed prairie dogs as pests that compete with their livestock for food.
The change could affect livestock and other grazers-certainly the deer and the antelope will have fewer places to play.
Before the nature of the problem was determined, some of the animals had been recycled into feed for livestock.
Small fines, rarely enforced, are the only penalties for abusing livestock.
Livestock prices again reflected the reduction in stock prompted by rising feed costs and parched pastures.
The cats were eating their cows and other livestock.
Blowflies often feed on the wounds in sheep, cattle, and other livestock.
When livestock are bred to make more cows that give more milk, for instance, that shrinks genetic diversity.
Agriculture, especially livestock farming, is a second target for growth.
They cleared the land to create meadows for their cows, and to grow hay to feed their livestock through the long winter.
Going over, the livestock lorry he'd been given a lift in had brought him nearly to the boat itself.
The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly twenty per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions.
Livestock outnumber people by roughly twelve to one.
At the time, livestock was among the largest industries in the country.
They should be treated as wildlife, not livestock, and should be allowed to remain on public lands.
We as neighbors have been forced to take matters into our own hands to protect our children, elderly and livestock.
Swamp residents threw together log rafts for their livestock, then fled.
Locals used to grind up horseshoe crabs for fertilizer or livestock feed.
Some chiefs wanted cash, others settled for livestock.
Settlers were confiscating their homesteads and livestock.
Elsewhere, abandoned mosques were transformed into shelters for people or livestock-or demolished altogether.
The next step for the device is trials in livestock.
These dried distillers grains are an excellent livestock feed and every ethanol plant sells this to local farmers.
Is there an increased risk of dna damage in people or livestock.
Raising free-range livestock is a low-tech proposition.
Many of the microbes under study commonly grow within humans and livestock.
Livestock also has their health care taken care of for them.
Farmers pay money for their livestock's health care.
Considered livestock, they rate no protection from being maimed or killed by cruel handlers.
Forages that are cut and fed to livestock while they are still fresh are called green chop.
Fencing livestock enclosures with wire barriers keeps predators at bay and livestock safe from harm.
Movement, sunlight and fresh air positively affect human health, and they do the same for livestock.
The big cats are speared as part of a manhood ritual and poisoned to prevent livestock predation, he explained.
The cats often preyed on the farmers' livestock, such as cows and sheep.
By noon, the field is hot and dusty and seething with people and livestock.
Everything from food to medicine to cigarettes to livestock to, yes, weapons are snuck back-and-forth.
By the turn of the century, prize livestock is being genetically tweaked as often as traditionally bred.
If the thought of traveling by barge conjures images of primitive vessels full of livestock or cargo, think again.
Residents were evacuated quickly, leaving behind many things, including pets and livestock.
He'd given up all the other livestock, but twenty feeder pigs still remained.
Evacuated ranchers are worrying about the livestock they left behind without grazing pasture.
Foot-and-mouth is explosively contagious, although it rarely affects humans and isn't usually fatal to adult livestock.
Licks are even more familiar to our domestic livestock.
And foot-and-mouth disease, although it does not infect people, could devastate the economy if set loose among livestock.
Fish will have a slower cell nuclei speed and keeping livestock, including pig and chicken, vegetarians is of importance.
The problem with wolves is that they'll also readily hunt livestock, chickens, and turkeys.
The point in time at which domesticated livestock arrived in the region is also a subject of considerable debate.
The vast majority of yellow dent corn is used as livestock feed and production of ethanol.
Our interactions with wild animals that may or may not eat us or our livestock are even more complex.
Interspecies gaming to combat boredom, aggression in livestock.
Avalanches cause billions of dollars of damage annually to buildings, roads and livestock and threaten many mountain communities.
They determined total food grown and imported, minus what was exported, thrown away or used for livestock.
It is available in pill form for sterilization of livestock, pets and rodent pests.
Few seem to acknowledge that the protein component, the embryo of the grain, is sold and utilized as feed for livestock.
Moreover, as people grow more prosperous they eat more meat, which will require even more crops to provide feed for livestock.
Anthrax is a common affliction in livestock everywhere, and it strikes people in much of the poor world.
None had their food intake artificially limited or, as with livestock, ramped up.
The local livestock roams widely, and perishes often enough to provide a carrion supply.
The husbandry of cattle and other domestic livestock in vast herds should be reduced as a wasteful means of providing food.
The move to reduce the routine use of antibiotics in livestock, which creates drug-resistant pathogens, is far from sufficient.
Currently, the major activity in livestock transgenesis is focused on pharmaceutical and medical applications.
He informs the camera crew that pretty much every exorcism request-letter starts off with something about livestock.
They were cattle ranchers who were trying to hedge their exposure to the price of livestock.
Their livestock slipped into the pits and added their cadavers to the ooze.
The country's livestock produces enormous amounts of heat-trapping methane.
It exists in laboratories and also in nature, among livestock.
From livestock exhibits to live music, this annual summer party has all the ingredients for family entertainment.
Protector of children, livestock and personal property.
Buying a livestock insurance policy is one risk management option.
Branding is one of the oldest and best ways to permanently identify livestock.
It serves as an excellent safeguard against livestock theft, loss or dispute.
It only identifies whether a livestock facility siting permit is required by a local ordinance.

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