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Liver metastases are cancerous tumors that have spread to the liver from somewhere else in the body.
Three weeks later, he was in the hospital with liver failure.
Liver disease, by contrast, often causes the breath to smell fishy.
The liver itself is the body's main chemical factory, performing hundreds of different functions.
Researchers have developed a new strategy for fighting the degradations of aging in the liver.
Actually, it was probably the crab's liver and pancreas, often called mustard or tomalley.
Researchers investigate a new treatment for liver cancer that could help patients too sick for traditional surgery.
Newspapers reported that the creams could cause skin irritation and damage to the liver and lungs.
On a zero-fat diet, the mice developed fatty liver disease.
In tinkering with the body's hormonal balance, fructose also causes the liver to spew more fat into the bloodstream than normal.
Such findings could help modern-day public health officials combat the severe liver disease.
Even humans can replace some damaged tissue in organs, such as the liver.
The new test could be a godsend for people with liver cancer, which often surfaces after it is too late for surgery.
They travel on to the liver and remain hidden away, multiplying rapidly, until there are tens of thousands of them.
They ride the flume of the circulatory system to the liver.
Once inside the bloodstream of the bitten individual, the sporozoites home in on the liver.
Cirrhosis is an irreversible result of various disorders that damage liver cells over time.
Maybe liver cancer and car accidents get them before lung cancer does.
Each plasmodium burrows into a different liver cell.
When a surgeon transplant a liver, it's mainly liver cells that are transplanted.
The liver shells showed up, glowing through layers of living tissue.
Forceful, strident but with poor aftertaste and ultimately bad for the liver.
Taking regular doses of antimalarial drugs can have long-term side effects, such as hearing loss and liver and kidney damage.
Her teeth arrived in a double row on her lower jaw, and she suffered from an enlarged liver.
Not as if the health insurance bill is chopped liver.
At the same time the frog's liver starts making large amounts of glucose-a type of sugar-which packs into cells and props them up.
The squalene added to food, cosmetics, and health supplements is generally derived from shark liver oil.
But groundwater was so contaminated that dozens of local children suffered serious liver damage.
Although poplars already naturally remove contaminants from the environment, the rabbit liver enzyme speeds up the process.
Drinking coffee may protect against the type of liver disease caused by excessive alcohol intake, researchers have found.
Heart and liver are laid on a tarp along with the other meat-food for both humans and dogs.
The liver preferentially absorbs the glycerol and some of the fatty acids--the remainder of which is taken in by muscle.
The types of samples range from mammal blood to bird liver to whale skin.
Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver and poor liver function.
The snaggletooth shark's flesh, fins, and liver are considered high-quality foods.
To expel fear and anxiety, to calm the liver and clear the vision.
Once in the blood stream, the parasite flows to the liver where it multiplies, forming dense cysts filled with parasites.
He had a liver problem and would not eat for a week.
Other people have speedy liver enzymes that swiftly destroy drugs.
Unlike some steroids, they don't indiscriminately also bind to prostate, liver and other tissues.
Acetone is produced by the liver when sugar-starved cells shred fat to make energy.
Liver damage is actually the number one reason drugs are pulled from the market, followed by cardiovascular problems.
Melton's team is also seeing whether the same kind of cell transformation can be achieved in liver cells, or triggered by drugs.
Joe makes a terrific nitrate-free chicken-liver pâté too.
Coffee could reduce the risk of serious liver damage.
And the liver converts fructose to fat more efficiently than it converts glucose.
After one is diagnosed with endometrial cancer, other lab tests may be done to look at blood counts and liver and kidney function.
Once injected, the parasites quickly retreat to the liver, where they mature and multiply.
It offers significant advantages in the treatment of liver and kidney cancers.
The meat was dark as liver, and earthy too, but not greasy or gamey.
Cod-liver oil, painted on the hulls, provides waterproofing.
The doctors told me that she was in liver failure, but she had a chance to come out of it.
He gets your attention, and probably an extra round of liver treats.
Doctors' theories about what is wrong continue to evolve as they listen to the patient's heart, or press on his liver.
Her liver was the main theatre of operations and as long as she stuck to nibbles it did not complain.
The abdominal portion of the esophagus lies in the esophageal groove on the posterior surface of the left lobe of the liver.
The right half is in relation with the left and quadrate lobes of the liver and with the anterior abdominal wall.
The right branch of the portal vein enters the right lobe of the liver, but before doing so generally receives the cystic vein.
It accompanies the hepatic artery, ramifying upon its branches, and upon those of the portal vein in the substance of the liver.
The right kidney is usually slightly lower than the left, probably on account of the vicinity of the liver.
Once in a human's bloodstream, the parasite lodges in the liver, burrowing into cells where it feasts and multiplies.
Bile acids are components of bile produced during the breakdown of cholesterol in the liver.
It may cause weakness in muscles as well as heart, liver, and spleen damage.
Hepatomegaly is swelling of the liver beyond its normal size.
Compensated cirrhosis means that the body still functions fairly well despite scarring of the liver.
Horrible symptoms include fever, internal bleeding and liver failure.
Horn shavings, boiled in water, are said to quieten the liver and quell fevers.
If the number of cells in a culture changes after a sample is added, that suggests the chemical in question is bad for the liver.
Their total weight is only slightly less than that of your own liver.
But he became an expert at liver transplants, far trickier than heart transplants, and was soon teaching others.
Insulin, in turn, controls the levels of sugar in the bloodstream by directing how much of it is taken up by the liver.
These enzymes, which are expressed mainly in the cells of the liver, are responsible for metabolising many drugs.
Lipitor works by inhibiting an enzyme that plays a key role in the production of cholesterol in the liver.
Generally, you can't really distill a vegetable or a goose liver-there's not enough sugar to ferment.
The liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself.
In the past year, researchers have converted connective tissue cells found in skin into heart cells, blood cells and liver cells.
The gene codes for a protein produced in a number of mammalian tissues-including the liver.
Symptoms include anemia, fatigue, and enlarged liver and spleen.
So scientists began searching for what else might be causing these deaths, which sometimes involved strange liver abnormalities.
As expected, expression patterns in humans and chimpanzees were similar in the liver and blood samples.
Excessive use of acetaminophen can cause liver damage.
The fried chicken liver lunch offering has a single side order and is served with a dinner roll with apple butter.
The one the best catfish baits not found at bait shops is chicken liver.
Breathing chloroform in heavy doses can cause dizziness and headaches and, over long periods, damage to the liver and kidneys.
One-thousandth of a curie is what would be used in a liver scan.
The brain is as much a product of natural selection as the liver or the kidney.
Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised.
They took out part of my colon and part of my liver.
Their bodies' instinctive need for nutrition drew them irresistibly to the tortoise's vitamin-rich heart and liver.
If malfunctioning stem cells become new liver cells, then the liver will malfunction.
Pressman was diagnosed with liver cancer, and his condition deteriorated rapidly.
Barr, who had liver damage when she began studying, partially credits the water for restoring her health.
It lacerated his liver and intestines, requiring emergency surgery.
For example, liver and kidney transplant patients are monitored using a blood test for an enzyme called creatinine.
Now comes a promising new approach: partly humanize the pig's liver.
Other scientists have had some success developing a paper test of liver function.
The liver, for example, is made up of repeated hexagonal lobes.
They also had lower fat levels in the liver and lower cholesterol levels.
And other times the agents collect in locations such as the liver, where they give off a bright but meaningless glow.
And the levels of his liver enzymes--which increase in the case of infection or early liver damage--were high.
Electron micrographs of wood frog liver cells reveal how they withstand temperatures well below freezing.
Finally, an exhaustive battery of tests pinpointed the invader's primary location: the liver.
The smell is a mélange of midsummer corpse with fried-liver overtones and a distinct fecal note.
Human liver enzymes, which have the task of processing caffeine and other drugs, can get part of the way there.
Lewis survived a month with his new humming heart but then died of liver and kidney complications brought on by his disease.
He had placed the devices into the frogs' peritoneal cavity, a space within its belly that contains its stomach, guts and liver.
But that kind of liver failure takes time to develop.
He died of multiple organ failure within four days of receiving an experimental gene therapy intended to treat his liver disease.
We injected the cells back into his portal vein and they took up home in the liver and the guy was fine.
Cirrhosis of the liver is unlikely to catch up with them for decades, and heart disease must seem as remote as retirement.
Put the seal liver in boiling water and let it stand for few minutes.
Here's trout grown in spring water, pampered on a diet of fresh liver an fish.
Try the honeyed mascarpone tofu on baguette or the liver mousse with figs.
Patients whose cancer moves into the bone tend to survive longer than those with metastases in the liver or lung.
It's one thing for the chemo to be treated for all users, or liver disease.
Most will come with the neck, liver and gizzards tucked in the cavity.

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