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Lively street scenes followed, including the busy entrances to underground stations.
Provoked by the professor's story, other faculty members have since engaged in a lively conversation about how to avoid his fate.
There is a lively discussion about whether it is good or bad.
But it is remarkable that a century-old theory still remains a topic of such lively debate.
The tropical party town has lively restaurants and pretty beaches.
They're simply awesome wheels, and the snappy acceleration they allow goes a long way toward the bike's lively feel.
Another thing, if you're giving a job talk, try to be lively and to have a talk that fits neatly into the time allotted.
But minds that keep lively will suffer less than the lazy.
People, lively discussion is fun and essential to good science.
But they can also easily be varied with a few extra ingredients to keep menus lively.
Their wool-on-wool carpets are favored for their unique patterns and lively colors.
The goal is to be able to own a lively multi-dimensional image, but the end result is ghostly and bizarre.
Projected on the wall behind are lively scenes of the working port today.
Caraway seeds are a great match for potatoes, adding lively flavor and crunch.
Lunchboxes produce a sparkling, lively tone even when cranked up.
Lively text and specially commissioned illustrations capture the irresistible lure of the sea.
The best have great acidity that keeps the wine lively.
Facilities are good and the surrounding area is lively.
Wonder's honest request was a lively wake-up call in a largely pre-fab evening.
You'll have a lot of lively banter and quite a few groans of dismay.
But they also wrote equally lively letters to dozens of other people.
White drops a lively mouse into a clear plastic cylinder.
Campus life is lively and informal with lots of social activities.
The way in which that final transition occurred continues to inspire lively debate.
Some of the furniture even matches and the indoor spaces are covered with lively frescoes.
The site also includes a lively section for kids about energy production and consumption.
Never one to shy away from politics, he tends to inject a bit of lively commentary in his shows.
In the last stage, the floor debate has been especially lively.
Plant the bowl with evergreens to keep something lively there year round.
Given its responsiveness to output, a lively rebound in trade is not inconceivable.
Using a mix of small-to-larger and delicate-to-crunchy greens makes this salad lively.
The dining room walls inspire lively, rowdy meals with good conversation.
The city also offers lively entertainment and nightlife.
But there are also lots of issues where debate is lively.
Hello everyone, thank you all for your comments and lively discussion.
The contest to succeed him as party president, and thus prime minister, at first promised to be lively.
Leaving aside the climate, it is a lively, agreeable city with much great architecture and art.
For some lively discussion check out my political blog.
And straightway all her polka-dots began a lively dance.
They do appear to be lively works, and indeed they be but dead, not availing to the eternal life.
It was altogether a lively production, and reflects the spirit of the times better than its fellows.
In other words, their books carry with them the lively air of brave originals.
His fancy was rich and lively, but not reined in by a proper taste.
However, one can also read a full paper in an engaging, lively manner.
DeLand also has a lively downtown area that includes antique shops, galleries, restaurants and coffee shops.
Herding breeds are intelligent and lively, making great family pets.
The book is accessible and actionable, with its signature, crisp design and lively text.
Lively text, pictures, and interactive activities make it easy and fun for kids to learn about and understand their world.
Age-appropriate text tells each animal's story in language that's accurate, lively, and non-intimidating.
You'll get an earful from the lively counter help about how lobster meat deserves better than a hot dog bun.
Bottom line, being able to customize your food is one of the secrets to a great dinner party with lively conversation.
Yet today, looking back at the lively pages of the first issues can trigger considerable culture shock.
The two-day meeting appears to have been a lively one.
Yet the pressure to keep things lively means that squabbling replaces dialogue.
The site is in an area that is transitioning from automobile-oriented and suburban in feel to walkable and lively.
If you want the even more lively version, complete with tambourine, you'll have to track it down on an album.
The book, though it is thoughtful and lively, brought unwelcome news.
There are locals there for a neighborhood dinner, and a lively bar.
The colorful, conflicted region remains a lively and diverse microcosm of the nation itself.
She was an occasional contributor to these pages, and her lively, nostalgic prose always met with great approval from readers.
It's also a lively forum for new ideas and a commemoration of the vitality of the art community.
He was a jazzier kind of noir, and would go on to a long, lively career in film and television.
Lively and smart, she had a beautiful voice and a good sense of humor.
They hover between being lively sculptural presences and props from a horror movie.
Thatcher's grudges are much less long-standing, but they are nonetheless lively.
The deepened understanding of the paintings occurs in a context of lively character sketches, and the paintings are worth it.
But here the myth is close enough to the reality to create a problem for biographers in search of lively gossip and high drama.
Curmudgeons, especially literary ones, make lively interview subjects.
He seemed to take our moral failings for granted and, perhaps as a result, favored lively argument over reproach or condemnation.
The funeral is a lively affair, yet it signals the demise of the movie.
Sauces correspond to certain dishes, but ignorance yields lively combinations.
Taken together, the building and the shows make for lively philosophical trouble.
The latter has a more lively conception of all the incidents.
It's a lively carnival of stale ideas saved by humor.
But both directors have now attempted blockbusters, and neither shows much of what was lively and fresh in their previous work.
The lively debate over whether cap-and-trade really does much to fight global warming.
Each of those objects has a tale to tell that is as lively as those that the nine-call it eight-planets have told so well.
The findings have transformed our idea of the moon from a desiccated dead zone into a complex and lively world.
And our comment section after her post was certainly lively, although relatively well-behaved.
Major public intellectuals routinely take a shot at characterizing what made it so special, and it's a lively area of scholarship.
He was popular, a lively coxswain for the crew team.
Compared with the howlers, spider monkeys were brighter and more lively.
She looked older, no doubt, yet her skin was smooth and her features were lively.
More odd thing is even when the music isa happy and lively music, it can make me feel sad.
We look forward to lively discussion and getting to know you better.
Our museum is a stimulating public forum acting as a catalyst for lively dialogue.
Join us for a lively discussion of the biggest health and science news this week.
She was lively and funny and engaging and boisterous and outrageous and a little bit of a polemicist.

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