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Example sentences for liveliness

Pencil and pen have a liveliness and beautiful texture that computer drawing can never achieve.
And yet there is a liveliness to her poem-part elegy, part war memorial-that prevents it from becoming so.
She expected to miss the convenience and liveliness of the neighborhood, but that proved not to be the case.
In the fullness of being literate, there is humanness-wakefulness, liveliness and engagement.
They are also related in their use of richly textures surfaces which at the same time allows great variety and liveliness.
Birds bring color, song and liveliness to the garden in any season, but on gloomy winter days they can be especially cheering.
They can give an extra dimension in the liveliness of movement of the water.
Few other participation techniques match games and contests for light-heartedness, playfulness, and liveliness.
Solids and voids and contrasting materials provide both liveliness and balance to the overall composition.
The inconsistent qualities of the city are what give it much of its character and liveliness.
As these businesses grow, liveliness increases and more vitality is created.
Crucially, his liveliness and sociability served him well in politics.

Famous quotes containing the word liveliness

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