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With little means of subsistence or livelihood in the delta countryside, many of the tribal members have migrated to the cities.
If you could cure his defect, he would be without a means of subsistence, he would have no livelihood.
My livelihood as a freelance writer went out the window when the economy tanked.
As an adjunct or a contract employee, you are risking your livelihood.
It's their mountain, and ever since tourists started pouring in, it's their livelihood too.
Angry fishermen accuse the cormorant of ruining their livelihood and have taken the law into their own hands.
They cannot enforce high standards, if they fear doing so will cost them their livelihood.
As their livelihood vanishes, they are more likely to fuel the ranks of the temporarily or permanently displaced.
Desperately poor farmers fought back, killing elephants to protect their land and livelihood.
Concern over preservation of local farmland and the livelihood of small farmers was key.
Television broadcasters might have reason to worry about their livelihood.
It is difficult to get someone to understand something if his livelihood depends on his not understanding it.
Industries that depend on government fiat for their livelihood are living on borrowed time.
She campaigned to obtain land for them and preached that earning a livelihood and conserving the forest could be reconciled.
The high salinity content of the lake provides a livelihood for salt collectors.
My funding and my livelihood are not entrenched in global warming.
But first, there was the matter of carving out a livelihood.
If the inventors have their way, a lot of middlemen could see their livelihood disappear.
Except that there is the little matter of his livelihood.
But their livelihood preoccupations did not allow them to heed that request.
Desert locust plagues may threaten the economic livelihood of one-tenth of the world's humans.
It seems responsible to help people to adapt to hazards linked to disrupted livelihood and habitat.
We are talking about his livelihood and good name being attacked and threatened.
It's legal and for them it's a livelihood in a region that offers little financial opportunities outside fishing.
Both groups livelihood depends on keeping drugs illegal preventing any sensible drug policy.
It has shielded them from downpours and blistering sunshine while they earned their livelihood.
One can hardly expect them to escape the natural inclination to protect their source of livelihood.
The pay they get for the job is their only income and provides their livelihood.
While his livelihood is earned out of bounds, his sacrifices for his children know no bounds.
Rather, they go on for generations, providing a livelihood for thousands.
Knowing the answers to these problems is critical to a company whose livelihood depends on repeat customers.
Obviously, you perceive that their nefarious plans threaten your livelihood.
There are multiple large family names that determine your livelihood.
Thousands of weavers have been forced to abandon their livelihood.
The central component of this pursuit is usually making a livelihood.
Thus, it aids in the communication process and helps the lower strata in their livelihood issues.
As he faces the crumbling of his livelihood with kids tugging at him day and night, you tremble for him.
Blogging is a pastime for many, even a livelihood for a few.
Now a team of scientists is racing to keep the bees and the honey hunter's traditional livelihood alive.
Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved.
It would destroy their livelihood to show people how the tricks were done.
More than half the working population depends upon the ocean for its livelihood.
What is a life-style choice in pop is a livelihood in hip-hop.
Friends tell me to revert to the bar, and goodness knows it offers a better and safer livelihood.
They filmed interviews with farmers and fishermen who remembered when the river provided much of the populace with its livelihood.
We make two million visits to customers every week and reach even the smallest stores that are the livelihood for families.
One should be free to pursue a livelihood subject only to regulations that directly protect public health and safety.
The forests' also serve as home and livelihood for many of these producer countries' people.
Most often engineering solutions did not take care much of the livelihood issues.
The needs of the poorest are money to buy food, healthcare, education and eventually find employment or livelihood.
Society in general shouldn't, but if your livelihood depends on oil manufacturing you should certainly be worried.
If so it could provide a new livelihood for many struggling fishermen.
Furthermore, once a country becomes dependent on you for their livelihood they are less tempted to act against you.
In neither county, as you travel through, do you get the impression that wine is the livelihood and lifeblood of the countryside.
He led a strenuous and varied life, with somewhat uncertain means of livelihood.
In this there was an insistence upon mental uprightness, upon right aims and speech, right conduct and honest livelihood.
The remembrance of her father never approaches her heart but the tyranny of her sorrows takes all livelihood from her cheek.
Now he so far emerged from his solitude as to look about for some livelihood which would make marriage possible.
Besides the thrill of discovery, old bones provide them with a comfortable livelihood.
They could also be given a reasonable payment as compensation for the loss of their livelihood.
Naso livelihood, traditions and beliefs are all closely connected to their environment.
Food, shelter and livelihood development are needed before borrowing.
Only by using this soft-power will the country find its footings to carry on the liberation of people minds and livelihood.
The president's opponents risk their liberty, livelihood and limbs, if not lives.
No media owner or commercial journalist is going to antagonize the people that finances his livelihood.
In the sustenance economy, meeting people's biological and livelihood needs for water are the primary objectives.
When food is your livelihood, losing weight is even harder.
They knew full well of the consequences--offer a resignation and risk losing their livelihood.
To be either too bland or too savage usually erodes their following and, ultimately, their livelihood.
Lose a few games and you can suddenly lose your livelihood.
Once again they and their three children were faced with the loss of home and livelihood.
Predicting tides has always been important to people who look to the sea for their livelihood.
Successful farmers must also be effective stewards of the environment in order to protect the basis of their livelihood.
Ghanaians will conserve natural resources and increase food security through agroforestry and alternative livelihood activities.
To others, salmon may be seen as an impediment to their livelihood.
The ability to predict tides and currents is essential for people who rely on the sea for their livelihood.
Ultimately our livelihood, quality of life and future depend on how intelligently all of us manage our natural resources.
The forest is their livelihood, but they also understand the need for conservation.
One of our priorities is to protect the lives and livelihood of our citizenry.

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