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But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.
What he knew, what he desired, and why he lived at all.
To say that our ancestors lived in a zero sum world is to say that they did not cooperate.
If you lived in a town, you worked in a state-owned factory or office.
Never before have so many people lived under an eclipse's path.
Perhaps the microorganism lived in herbivorous dinosaurs, too, and entered the tyrannosaurs when they fed on infested prey.
Yet there are people who claim that humans actually lived alongside dinosaurs.
His fishing rod was in a closet where he lived, on the other side of the city.
IF you lived past your teens and your were wealthy, you had a good chance of living to a ripe old age.
For thousands of years, people lived in the countryside.
The researchers monitored the creatures' size, mating behavior and how long they lived.
Two animals lived on a rotating disc over a pool of water, separated by a fixed wall.
These unfussy, long-lived plants pump out beautiful foliage and flowers year after year.
As a group they are short-lived, but the darker-flowered selections tend to grow longer.
Many are short lived in gardens so are used as annuals.
Some people lived in well-off areas, others were poor, and together they spanned race and age.
Not only is the coelacanth one of the world's oldest fish species, but the individual fish may also be long-lived.
The rest of the year, though, they lived in the valley.
The lake had previously been linked to the sea but was landlocked for millions of years before the three animals lived and died.
What's more, though their bones are best preserved in caves, they probably lived in the open.
Birds that have lived their lives on pasture and been processed with care are profoundly delicious.
Stephanie even lived for a few years with an elephant trainer.
The lived experience of politics and the academic representation of it often differ.
Already, external doses are rapidly declining as a result of the decay of short-lived isotopes.
The catalysts could also help make such batteries longer lived.
Knockout females lived substantially longer than their normal counterparts.
To date, lithium batteries have been relatively expensive and short-lived.
He determined that the creature was long-necked, used its wings to glide, and had curved feet that suggest it lived in trees.
Lithium-Ion batteries are longer lived than conventional batteries and do not require replacement as often.
In these natural fusion reactors, it is gravity that confines the plasma in a wonderfully stable and long-lived configuration.
Besides this difference, the subjects lived in the same regions and had similar news habits before the change.
As one imagines, the reason that they never caught on is because they tend to be extremely expensive and not that long-lived.
But it also shows that communities with higher impact per paper tend be shorter-lived.
The dinosaurs are long gone, but their tracks remain, telling strange tales of where the creatures went and how they lived.
But the scientists concluded that this common ancestor could have lived as long as a million years ago.
They may turn out to have lived before the oldest whales, or they may have lived millions of years later.
But it is toxic in high concentrations, expensive, and short-lived.
Jobs always found it difficult to furnish the places where he lived.
Sometimes a reader can feel that a novel is taking over his life-or that his life is being lived inside of a novel.
By measuring the bones of prehistoric peoples, for instance, you can get a concrete sense of how well they lived.
We lived on a cleared ledge, a natural shelf, on a mountain high above a lake.
Those who judge him too severely tend to forget that the art of music would be immeasurably poorer if he had never lived.
Imagine your whole day lived backward, from beginning to end.
But the comedian and the tragedian lived within the same surprisingly delicate skin.
One of those who lived had part of her brain removed.
There were times at the beginning of his career when he didn't have any money, but he always lived well.
He then developed a shower gel and expanded into a small factory, where he lived and threw all-night raves to help pay the rent.
Kathy was privy to all of this, but she lived a split-screen life, protecting her father's privacy in all matters.

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