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Boys born to parents living in more comfortable surroundings have always expected to live longer.
Left to live in and to support the city would have been the poor, the aged, and the unskilled.
That's by day-to-day intention-to live simpler and lighter on the planet.
No matter where you live, it's a great time to start growing some summer herbs.
All animals have special needs that need to be met in order to live with us.
To facilitate censorship, the government ordered an end to live broadcasts of dating shows.
Yet there is little reliable information about where artists live and how they are contributing to the national economy.
If they wish, they can rent a suite of rooms, including one for a live-in servant.
Live scores, odds and team matchups for all major league sports.
Many of the qualities that make cities coveted as places to live also make them dream vacation destination fodder.
The brain may become paralysed and the individual still live.
When synchronized sound ended the era of silent films, live musicians were no longer hired to play in movie theaters.
You're raking up the forest floor and all the things that live on it.
The company website even includes a tutorial on composting at home, whether you live in the country or in a tiny apartment.
The photos are said to be the first ever of live snub-nosed monkeys.
They live in these burrows, which can become extensive tunnel-and-chamber complexes.
In this lesson, students will learn about many different animals that live in deserts.
The problem was no devices existed to see and decode the neural maze in live subjects.
Some ants live in symbiotic relationship with aphids.
Fish and other sea creatures live throughout the ocean.
Some can't afford it, or they live in countries where there are simply no good colleges to attend.
Depending on where you live, there are all kinds of options.
Their education alienates them from one another, from the world in which they live, and ultimately from themselves.
Unable to construct a self-narrative, they may live comfortably in their bubble but have problems overcoming new challenges.
We'll be bringing you photos and live updates as soon as the event starts.
But if those viewers live in a housing project for the homeless, that booze could get them booted back out to the street.
They also seemed to live longer after getting this treatment.
These tasty tips are usually eaten by ants that live on the plant and protect it from hungry herbivores.
Since tapeworms live in the fish muscle and are destroyed by heat, it's best to eat only fully cooked salmon.
Whether he or she ever realizes it, you are setting patterns that will enable them to live healthier and longer lives.
People who live in my apartment building are still coming and going to work.
Too few people live, and businesses operate, at the core to maintain the synergies necessary for civic life.
These differences also reinforce different norms and values-different ideas of what it means to live a good life.
He would have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life.
But companies cannot live by computer engineers alone.
Ideas magazines live in the mid-to-upper hundred thousands.
Newsweeklies have tried to live on a couple million, but they're struggling mightily.
He had no interest in social issues-he was a live-and-let-live westerner.
One big question is whether the unbelievably innovative culture he forged will live.
Lungs grown in the lab have been experimentally transplanted into live animals.
The viewership for live television broadcasts has generally been declining for years.
It's one thing to design and build software to live in the cloud from scratch.
They feed us, live in our bodies, and protect us from other cells and viruses.
Users can see the position and speed of other users on a map, and also receive live hazard reports.
Next, the researchers surgically implanted small metal stents in the carotid arteries of live rats.
There's a reason language students go to live in the homes of native speakers.
It's a comedy about two ├╝ber-nerdy physics researchers who live together in an apartment.
If you live with animals, the real question isn't whether they can think or not.
Everybody will have forgotten about their outrage, and learned to live with the hole.
All vertebrates that live on land--from humans to alligators to birds--are collectively known as tetrapods, meaning four feet.
Free radicals are bad: flies live longer without them.
Snakes rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature, and their size depends directly on the climate where they live.
We inevitably live in a non-boring universe suited to our peculiar kind of life.
It's ten days of fun and big ideas, and best of all it will all be recorded and streamed live.
Routinely underestimated, he struggles to live up to his father.
And one of my favorite things about trying to live a little greener is how it can involve the whole family.
Watch this reporter get nailed by a soccer ball during a live broadcast.
Watch a reporter fall during a live report at a haunted house.
Many live within stumbling distance, no more than a block or two away.
Since then, aside from an unplugged live album and the occasional show, she's been fairly reclusive.
The concerns of some of these groups are largely about the ways they will live.
Moreover, it won't be easy to identify a solution everyone can live with.
But this then raises the question of who else might have been shooting, since it became clear that live rounds were used.
The financiers of public school reform described here live in a world of spectacular wealth.
He can experience what it means to live in deserts and wastes.
When reality did not live up to the government's promises and unemployment failed to fall, confidence turned to disappointment.
Eight decades later they remain well-kept, attractive places to live.
We shouldn't exclude consumption as reason shoppers live longer.
It's the best way to live with defeat if it comes, and probably the best way to win.
Live oak, as the name implies, is evergreen and also is long-lived.

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