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Example sentences for little office

There was a large clock in a little office in the furnace.
In the warm little office the air became suddenly heavy and the strength went out of her body.
And the old superintendent stood up there on the dock and he had a little office.
In fact, they made it into a little office or something of that nature.
They answered no, there is a little office and the rest warehouse and it's in good shape.
Lower-grade examiners who may have relatively little office audit experience typically work these cases.
There is a little office, a clinic of some kind there on the north end that is developed.
It was evident that a master hand had performed the little office for him.
We had no office in the motor pool, so the sergeant found an old bus, which he personally converted into a little office.
My little office had a wonderful marble fireplace, carved marble beauties holding up the mantelpiece.

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Y'know, George, I feel that in a small way we're doing something important. It's satisfying a fundamental urge. It's dee... more
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