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In the relatively small literature on the species inside houses, little is said about who eats who or who eats what.
Regrettably, however, their stickiness seems to bear little relationship to their validity.
The awkward regulation offers little in the way of effective oversight.
Now, she'll be going on leave in the spring after having taught only a little bit in the fall.
It's a little word responsible for simple, everyday tasks.
Little dinosaurs scattered everywhere, leaving behind evidence of a dinosaur stampede.
These little butterflies are plentiful and tiny-some are no larger than my thumb-and share similar markings across species.
We think of ladybugs as little cute-as-a-button beetles.
Each is organized a little differently and is aimed at a different audience, but there is a lot of overlap among them.
After a big rise, wholesale prices of used cars are finally starting to fall a little.
There is a little magic embodied in every bit of bread or cheese and every sip of beer and wine.
Wrapped in linen and rolled up in stiff mats made of sticks, they are little more than bones.
Eating vegetables seems to do little in warding off cancer.
Don't listen to anyone telling you about an expensive or lengthy or difficult procedure to eliminate these horrible little pests.
Laboratory rats typically live in a cage with bedding, food and water but little else.
Add a little olive oil and use to marinate fish, shrimp, or chicken before grilling.
Because the bubbler does little more than stir the water, there's no need for a reservoir beneath the bowl.
And when water is scarce, many kinds can survive on little more than rainfall.
These wraps take little work and are a great travel or on-the-go item.
Little bundles of fresh fish make a stunning presentation in this dish.
They're easy to grow from seed and require little space.
With a little know-how, you can recycle more than you think.
Little by little, though, she found her own territory.
To understand how this works, you need to know a little about elephant families.
The ship is a ghost, killing the reef around it little by little.
Sprinkling some salt on the ice cube makes a little puddle of melted ice.
How tiny little insects get us to do exactly as they wish.
The remarkable journey of a tough little space probe to the place where killer asteroids lurk.
The search for intelligent life in outer space is going so well, scientists need a little help from you and your home computer.
Should a little ice age arrive, its impact will be told in human suffering, not scientific terminology.
We could do little more than start fluids and administer a blast of antibiotics in hopes of arresting any infection.
Maybe vibrations in the trucks that transport bees across the country are driving the little buzzers insane.
There is currently little economic need to recycle lithium-ion batteries.
However, scientists know little about the gas-producing microbes living within the reactors.
The pictures have generated more than a little fuss.
In fact, the online auction giant has a research outfit, although it's little more than a year old.
P-waves, which have long wavelengths and generally do little damage.
The patient's weight showed little change, but his memory improved significantly.
But all this computer glasnost might cause a little eyebrow raising.
It was perhaps a little odd to be traveling together.
We also had a little side of leftovers from the night before of zucchini and shrimp risotto.
It's cherry season, and those sweet-tart little fruits are so alluring.
Add salt and pepper to taste and a little sugar if desired.
Grilling fruits is certainly not a new idea, but it takes a little imagination to bring out the best that they have to offer.
It is so good that there is really little need to bother dismembering whole fresh rabbit.
Little wonder when you're never far from salt water and the bounty of seafood that forms the basis of so much cooking here.
Almonds and walnuts provide those crunchy little matters for the teeth to touch.
Pour it over the fish and sprinkle with a little lemon juice, chopped parsley, and freshly ground pepper.

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