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When kitty litter loses its appeal, green solutions are at hand.
Few can be failed to be saddened by pictures of albatross chicks that have died after consuming plastic marine litter.
Litter also destroys the beauty of parks and beaches, making people avoid these areas.
And limiting plastic and plastic bag use is the best way to prevent such litter from ending up swirling around mid-ocean.
Best to choose a site where litter from fruit and birds won't be a problem.
It's a junkyard out there in space and sometimes astronauts accidentally contribute to the litter.
Your cats will figure out how to clean their own litter boxes.
To remove one possible bias-that litter encourages more litter-the researchers inconspicuously picked up each castaway flyer.
Galaxies litter the cosmos by the hundreds of billions.
Billions end up as litter each year or in landfills.
Most have long, round seedpods that can present a litter problem.
But revenues are unimpressive compared to other industries, from film to kitty litter.
Bags litter the roadside and decorate the city's trees with a polythene blossom.
Along the way, they find a plethora of litter along the reefs and shorelines.
Roads are unlittered partly because there's nothing to litter.
All have woody, canoe-shaped fruits that delight flower arrangers but are merely litter in the view of some gardeners.
Meanwhile, hijacked foreign freighters litter the coastline undisturbed.
In such worm-free woodlands, leaf litter piles up in drifts on the forest floor.
Because they produce litter sparingly, they are especially good around pools, she adds.
Now they litter backyards and clutter garages with their rusted frames and rotted tires.
Till recently, it has been better known for its litter and the world's largest stray-dog problem.
In only a few moments he finds several flint fragments that litter the hillside.
Cigarette butts and metal shavings litter the concrete floor.
Guns litter the levels, and you can pause the game at any time to buy as much ammo as you want.
Outside is a vast heap of litter and plastic bags used by children as a lavatory.
It takes a lot of litter boxes to take care of the sanctuary's hundreds of residents.
They also indicate something ominous: she might well be dead before she can raise her first litter of pups.
When shopping, almost everything is placed in plastic bags, which litter the countryside and roadways.
Useful as a shade tree for patio or terrace, though litter from flowers can be a slight nuisance.
If only someone could automate cleaning the litter box.
Litter drifts around empty pitches, wasps hover near overflowing bins and dogs bark outside each embattled caravan.
The frog lays its eggs in leaf litter on the forest floor.
The plastic tube running from his throat connects to pumps and monitors lying on the litter by his feet.
Those who have not yet been found jobs do some other kind of work to earn their benefits, such as collecting litter in parks.
Here he combed plots of damp leaf litter on his hands and knees searching for frogs.
Evaporation ponds litter the barren landscape, and pumping the brine may lower the water table-a major threat in a desert area.
The area has been compared to a litter box, the faster you get out the better.
And on state highways, potholes will deepen before they are filled, more litter.
Flower pot: break it, grind up the shards, and use it for kitty litter.
My committee members received lumps of coal from my cats' litter box.
Those are more important than the buzzwords and catchphrases, which often litter statements of teaching philosophy.
But they also choke wildlife, create litter and overload dumps for generations to come.
They are worn out in the course of their service to produce litter after litter,year after year.
Females give birth to one litter per year, in spring or early summer.
Was not for the horror that is now attached to it, that rubbish would end up sooner where it will unavoidably go, the litter bin.
Rangers had worked for two hours to transfer him to a litter.
Such a tree is a better candidate for a background area, where the litter can remain where it falls.
The problem was solved when seeds, nuts and leaf litter were added.
But for the moment, this is my candidate for a new image: the reeking kitty-litter box.
They are large and yellow, and include a litter of yelping puppies who play and tumble around.
Wading through paper litter and pulverized concrete, they tried to approach from the north, but were blocked by heavy smoke.
Even in the neighborhood where people pick up litter every day, they still have to pay someone to haul off the garbage.
Cigarette butts litter the dim stairwell, and the rickety elevator takes fifteen seconds too long for comfort.
Leaning out at the open window, he looked into an orchard where a fat sow wandered about with a litter of tiny pigs at her heels.
Bring in fodder and litter so as to have enough for your oxen and mules.
Citizens have helped clean the litter-strewn, scorched and bloodied streets.
Corroding drums of chemicals litter an industrial site open to the elements.
Supervising teams of hedge-trimmers or litter-pickers, especially if they are unwilling, is costly and time-consuming.
The rest picked through the forest litter of fallen leaves and branches.
There are no graffiti, not much litter: the houses gleam.
Habits in picking up litter say a lot about places and their people.
Here, the base of the invertebrate community consists of decaying leaf litter.
He had grown up in the canyons, poking around in the leaf litter, catching lizards.
And it converts automatically to a pillow during the frequent and sudden naps that litter the workday of the professional thinker.
Here's an article about dolphins trained to fetch litter from their pools.
Books, clothes, and journals litter the floor and every available surface.
However the escalator also had a heavy buildup of litter, dirt and lint.
The lasers would move the litter away from working satellites.
These species run the gamut from tiny leaf-litter dwellers to large tree-living types.
When hedgehogs are born-up to seven in a litter-their spines are soft and short.
Forest leaf litter fertilized the taro, and both provided nutrients to the estuarial food chain.
Autumn leaves litter the ground beneath bamboo shoots.
He played well with children, was litter-trained, and only ruined the store's furniture by accident.
Chuck has free range of the house and uses a litter box.
Fans began to litter the field with cups and wrappers.
Besides, if you wait until the last minute, chances are you'll not exactly get the pick of the litter.
Research proves that litter is the result of individual behavior.

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